23rd May 2020

Honorable Payoff Voting (5/17)

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23rd May 2020, 12:21 AM

Hello everybody! Today is the day to vote for honorable user and moderator for the week. I encourage everyone to fill out of the form and include a reason if possible. Chelsey and I are hoping to receive a great number of votes to find the best candidate.

Last week's winners were Jay and Khal. Jay chose light xprop glow while Khal chose a larger penguin size as a prize. What would you choose?

To find new winners, we decided that winners of the previous week may not win the following week. Therefore, you cannot vote for Jay or Khal this week.

Any suggestions or complaints? Message me or Chelsey!

User: https://forms.gle/1AFAx5xbES5YUmvh6
Moderator: https://forms.gle/jhWvfKWThfN1Lua9A

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bff applications open jaden#4616

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