11th February 2019

Stories prt 1

Made by Willfred in The Lounge

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11th February 2019, 10:38 AM

At the age of 29, ser skylinr would finally fall in his law job his heart was beating as he looked at his opponent one "Ser willfred Aaron snow"
Skylinr would stand up from his stand and walk to the middle of the room to start his defense. "Ladies and gentlemen of the court, the question is if this country is even worth fighting for" skylinr said whilst shaking from the tension. Willfred would give him a quick smirk enjoying the failure thats sure to blossom, skylinr would proceed with his testimony "Providence is a pirate ridden place filled with evil and cruel pirates, just because a allie lives there means we should lay down our life for skulls claim" skylinr would bow finishing his defense the tension quite clear. Willfred would stand up walking to the middle of the room stopping to bow. "Skylinr my friend you proclaim providence is full of pirates eh?" Skylinr scoffed "may i remind you that you were born on providence Skylinr?" skylinr would sharply look up thinking how wilf could possibly know that.
"Also providence has the poison guns and ships that we need to claim more land for the emperor" willfred would continue "Also skylinr," skylinr again looked up from his papers "Welcome to law", skylinr looked confused but understood the threat. the king would scratch his chin thinking to himself about the case before deciding wilf for Secretary of war, skylinr sighed, he had lost but there are more cased to win, he packed up his papers and walked away before being tripped by wilf and one Ser Alatar "Never gonna be secretary are ya now?" they said and laughed walking away. (End of episode 1)

Anyone remember homestuck?

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11th February 2019, 04:28 PM

cool wilf


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