3rd March 2019

Forums Moderator Application - Lloyd

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3rd March 2019, 11:27 PM

Hello there! I'm Lloyd and I am applying for forums moderator today.

About me: I'm known here, in the DSGHQ, as Lloyd, since 2013, when I joined the community. I am 16 years old.
Main username: Lloyd
Timezone: UTC-3
Past ranks on forums and OldCP: Since 2013, I have have many ranks. On forums, I've had the opportunity to edit the News Channel, writing The Lloyd News. With precisely 60 issues, my news reports covered the period of 2014-2016. The longest one. This rank taught me many things, the attention to details, the ways of expression, among other lessons. Furthermore, I became a Master here, which means I am a role-model for others users. I was part of the Wise Council, as a Wise One, advising Damen during trials and giving help to users in need. Furthermore, I became a Detective of the CO (Crime Office).

Those ranks taught me a key-value: responsibility. As a Master here, I was selected by my attributes and values, this means I cannot start arguments, cause drama, in other words, I must have a posture, a point of view, with good judgment. This, obviously, involves a lot of responsibility. Being a News Reporter also taught me responsibilities, since users trusted me, the content and the information of my reports. Also, being part of the Wise Council teaches the same lesson. Wise Ones play a critical role during trials, the word of a Wise One affects the final judgment, this means that he, or she, must be responsible, coherent and ethical, because his opinion will affect other people, not just him. Lastly, the Crime Office taught me the same key-value. A detective's perspective may change an entire investigation. A committed, present and active detective will collaborate, but a relapsed one won't. Once again, responsibility is a key-value, when it comes to considering proof, or when a detective is entrusted with a firearm, anyway, the past years and ranks have taught me that essencial value. Responsibility is not just a key-value for Moderators, it is a key-value for life.

Other experience: Other than the DSGHQ forums and OldCP, I was a Detective on SnailDom, besides Beta Tester on LeoRPG 2 and DSGHQ MC (Minecraft) Operator on the old DSGHQ MC server, I was also a Builder on Chemicraft (Sled's server). Also, I have moderated and administrated multiple other platforms, such as Minecraft servers, a few other forums and Discord servers as well.

Contact: contact me through Discord: Severus#2369

I hope you have enjoyed my application. Feel free to comment below or DM me. Thanks for reading!

Lloyd: DSGHQ Staff, Forums Moderator and web designer

Sweet memories

Lord Ren
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3rd March 2019, 11:29 PM

Good to see some OG users applying. I’ll let you know more information soon!

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4th March 2019, 09:20 AM

If you don't get forums mod I'm gonna cry myself to sleep bro, your application is awesome

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