4th March 2019

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4th March 2019, 03:03 PM

heyyy what's up its kat, heres my forums moderator application!!

MAIN Username: Katrules

Timezone: EST

Experience/Former Ranks, etc.

• Former Discord Chat Moderator
• Chat Police (Charles Era)
• Former LeoRPG Discord Chat Moderator
• 3x Game Of Moderators Finalist
• Game of Moderator Winter Winner of 2017
• News Reporter / Press
• Penguin Watch Captain
• Moderator
• 3rd Place POTM (November 2016)
• Runner Up POTM (August 2017)
• Master (RCHQ Forums)

As a Forum Moderator, I'll be sure to be active as necessary. Thanks for reading.

im married to him <3

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4th March 2019, 03:08 PM

Hey, your application is alright but maybe you can go more into like why you want to be a forum moderator, or go more in depth of your experience and what got you moderating.

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4th March 2019, 03:09 PM

Hey there,
Good application.

You did great listing all of your OldCP experience, but perhaps could you connect these experiences to the DSGHQ Forum? For e.g. by you achieving the above accomplishments how do these ensure your success as a Moderator on here? You don't have to go in-depth if you don't want to but it is only a recommendation. :)

Good luck!

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