4th March 2019

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4th March 2019, 08:12 PM

Howdy I'm Chis, I thank you for already taking interest into my application.

General Information
Username: Papachis
Age: 15 [5/16/2003]
Joined: [5/28/2014]

I will be listing all my moderation experience since any other rank is not applicable to the role im applying for.
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More about the subject

Why am I qualified for this rank?
I am one of the most qualified for this role not only because of my experiences and my sense of moral values but because I am a Bilingual person (Speaks 2 languages). I am currently taking AP English and AP Spanish as part of my classes and have proven to be very proficient at both. I have a good ability to speak both spanish and english and would not mind helping out a Spanish speaking user or even personally translate announcements into spanish. Along side my ability to speak spanish and english well Im a very know person in this community and have the ability to sympathize, empathize and talk situations out making me a hand tool to use incase anything that is not needed breaks out. The fact that I have the ability to speak 2 languages, empathize, sympathize and have a well round moderator experiences not only proves that I am a good choice but infact one of the best.

Why I'm applying for this role?
I am applying for this role to not only feel a sense of pride that I've achieved the ability to become a moderator on this platform but for the ability to work with others on helping improve the experience of others on this forum. Not only that, I have always wanted to be a big contribute to the communities platforms. I believe that by octaining this role I will learn how to collaborate better as well.

How I stand out?
Not only am I man of many cultures but I am a pretty smart person aswell. I attend Bioscience highschool which is known to be one of the top highschools in Arizona with the hardest curriculum and I am currently doing oustanding. Alongside that I am a proud member of the LGBT community and strongly support not only them but everyone.

What I bring to the table for the staff team
I believe that I bring a strong sense of positivism to the table not only because of my charming way of speaking but because of how much I thrive for the happiness of others. Not only that I also believe that my sense of moral values and my abilities to empathy and sympathy make it so much easier to resolve conflicts.
I strongly believe that by joing the staff team I willl bring everyone up and will be as useful as possible to build healthy relationships.

I not only posses very useful and interesting qualities but I have the power to do my job as-well.
I greatly thank you for reading my application for forums moderator and hope im being taken into consideration. Have a good rest of the day.

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5th March 2019, 12:25 AM

Yes, yes, yes!

This is the kind of application I've been waiting for. Not too long and not too short, and full of valuable information. Fantastic job, Chis! Best of luck to you! I believe you would make a great addition to this already great staff team. :)

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