13th March 2019


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13th March 2019, 10:40 PM

hey guys! its frozo

most people would be embarrassed by going through their old posts but omg i just went through pages of stuff i said in 2013 - 2016 and its so hilarious. i really had so much fun on this website and its so strange to reflect on how important it was to me?

this is a post i made in 2013 and its so cute

I hate to announce that I have no choice but to quit the forums, xat, pi and everything. I admit this is all my fault. My mom doesn't like me talking to people online and stuff, I try to explain that I will be safe and stuff but she doesn't listen. So for about 2 years I wene behind her back and going on xat ect. Yesterday some how she found out about xat. She always finds out things its like she has eyes on the back of her head, so I learned a lesson. Never hide something knowing that you should tell because the problem will get bigger and worse. I will never forget you guys and ill miss everyone a lot. And you, Damen. I wish you luck with your games.

like..... im gushing here this was such a pure period in my life and its so weird to have it archived on a club penguin forum.

i hate anything beyond the start of 2016 that ive posted though because thats when i was in middle school and was trying to make everyone feel like they were below me

and i still have friends from this website???


I have came up with a idea. We could have a penguin of the day. To get it you must be active, helping other penguins and being nice maybe reporting bullying! Don't feel left out because everybody will get a chance to be penguin of the day also this is not for mods or admins. The penguin of the day is *drum roll* TERRY91. Congrats!

OK IM LITERALLY RAMBLING but ya. thanks for exissting oldcp. my old profile is as embarrassing as heck but i laughed really hard. most of the people i knew were gone and new 12 year olds who pretend to be 15 are coming in so welcome to oldcp

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13th March 2019, 11:28 PM

i feel this deeply...
i know we never really talked but i hope we can become friends <3

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14th March 2019, 06:01 AM

Frozo! I was wondering what happened! I forgot you made that post though. I'm glad to see that you've come back for a good laugh.
I've done the same.. looking back at old posts. It's amazing to see how much we change over the years

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14th March 2019, 02:42 PM

Hello there, Frozo! Obviously, you still have friends here, welcome back.

Lloyd: DSGHQ Staff, Forums Moderator and web designer

Sweet memories

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