14th March 2019

Bob vs. Sriram, Clash of Titans.

Made by Alatar in The Lounge

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14th March 2019, 06:14 PM

OKAY... I kind of, looking back, literally copied a story someone else had made, just put it to a more storybook and less to the actual words themselves. I understand, and I deleted it. This, however, I am sure will be written by ME, and me ALONE.

With that being said...

Oh by the way I thought this one in class after looking at forums earlier.
The Clash of Titans
By Alatar

There it came to be that the two titans of good and evil, Bob and Sriram, the two most powerful gods in all the universe, came to conflict in their songs of old. The songs of which, they called "disstracks" rang through the land. The beings in it...terrified. The world was crumbling.

Sriram had his army of Japanese Girls. Each of them heavily armored. Sriram was evil, definitely. Each of these girls served as his...mistresses. There were a few girls with ages you could read on the clock, too. Indeed, he was very evil, and he held high his great sword. However, Sriram was not alone. With him was the one and only, Damen. Damen, of course, held no sword, for the powers within his soul would boom through the lands as he only spoke words. Alatar, the only one along with them, because he wished for some drama. Alatar, of course, was nothing special. He had stormtrooper aim, but he had paid Damen enough money to get the almighty TOBLERVEGETABLE, the most OP weapon in all the land. It allowed him to run at his enemies with fierceness. Damen only held that one little celery like thing that mothers in japan had. He rode into battle upon his bike, which had been fully modified with Alatar's help from his loads of stolen money. This battle would be fierce.

In the other side, there was Bob. Bob shown with justice, glory, as with him shone the greatness of the DSGHQ community. He and Sriram had sung songs many a time. Bob, with his many followers, had two main that helped him the most; Tom and Ian. Upon them, and the rest of the world, were normalswords. They were no where near as powerful as the evil army of Sriram, but indeed were his men loyal.

Therefore, it came to pass, that while the two gods stood, Sriram and Bob, each drew their great swords. Bob's sword, the Angelibobidon. Upon it was a great golden and silver glow, that came down from the sun. He swung, triumphant and true, near Sriram's neck. Sriram, not expecting it, was knocked backwards. That wasn't enough to stop Sriram, though. Sriram then pulled his great sword, the Demonisriramidon, which shone with black evil from stone of hell. He stabbed into Bob's heart, but Bob was able to swing the sword backwards, almost by luck. This left a scar upon his chest. The battle was on.

Below, there was Alatar and Damen, Damen riding his bicycle, doing wheelies and simply just using his vegan power to turn the inhabitants into vegetables, then eating them, and growing in power. Alatar used his great many swords, simply throwing them into the heads and bodies of the people coming at him. He had bought so many, it was hard to count. The people couldn't kill him either, as his redmiles and his new shield he simply bought made him damn near invincible.

Sriram, now in a rage, charged with his blade at Bob. Bob blocked, and countered. Sriram blocked back. They spun the swords around and hit like the scene where Obi Wan and Anakin were spinning their lightsabers. Sriram then swung at Bob's head. Bob blocked, luckily. Sriram, now angrier than ever, unleashed his army of Japanese girls upon the world.

Things changed below, as now, the words of several heavily armored Japanese Girls rushed into battle. They almost covered the earth in their variety of colors of their clothing. The japanese girls made the earth rumble as they swung their heavy swords. Damen and Alatar watched from towers above. The team attack was coming soon.

Now things were really going down. Their swords clashed. Sriram and Bob, angrily growling. Now the sky rumbled, and fell, and nothing was left but darkness. Then Bob was all that shone. Sriram and Bob, so heavily clashed, they eventually both parried each other, and their swords flew away, breaking the earth's surface upon their impact. Now they pulled out wands, and aimed.

Below, Damen and Alatar, in the darkness, and the rumbling, used a team attack. A big beam full of vegetables, money, swords, and beards blasted down upon those below. The Japanese girls were in the blast range, though many died to this. The army of Bob was thinning.

Now Sriram blasted with his black wand, unleashing a spell of evil. So did Bob, and the white and black beams went against each other. Sriram came close to defeating Bob, and then Bob the same, and vice versa. Eventually, their wands were shattering...BAM.

The wands exploded, and blasting them both back. The impact was enough to blast Damen, whom was nearest to Sriram, killing him.

Now there were two heroes against one.

From the dust and corpses of war, there came Ian and Tom, rising from the smoke. Alatar laughed at their presence. He quickly grabbed his revolver, and shot Tom right between the eyes, much as he had done long ago. Quickly he realized he was out of ammo, and left with one sword. Ian unsheathed his sword, and Alatar unsheathed Malefice.

Bob and Sriram, now picking up their swords once more, clashed. Ching chang chong. Ching shing BING ching bang. It was the sound of war. Then, Sriram, stabbing right at Bob's neck, caught him in a weak moment.

Bob took a critical blow to the neck.

Now Sriram, however, realized his mistake.

Alatar never stays on one side.

Ian and Alatar, now together, ran at Sriram, and stabbed him in his ankle, causing him to fall backwards. Bob, dying, got back up, and pulled the sword from his neck. He aimed at sriram, and tossed him his sword. Sriram, grabbing it, slowly got up. This battle was not over.

Then, Alatar and Ian both stabbed him, breaking his knee caps, right as he swung. Sriram, falling forward, simply sliced them both dead.

Now they used their heal spell, and Bob was ready once more.

Right then, Bob stabbed Sriram in the heart.

Bob did the same.

They screamed, both in rage and pain, staring at each other, dead in the eyes.

The world was crumbling.

Now everyone was dead all for Sriram and Bob.

They both pulled their swords from each other, clashed a few times, then stabbed each other in the stomach at the same time.

It was as though they were of equal strength.

Then, Sriram, aiming for Bob's leg...Bob stabbed Sriram in the head.

The end of Sriram was then.

The end of Bob was then.

Of course, what is a story when no one wins?

This was left to the gods of the outside realm to decide.

The people of the comments, and of course,
Sriram and Bob THEMSELF.

Whom will win? Will you vote for Bob, or will you vote for Sriram.

1 vote = +5% power level added.

Next time, my friends.

Our heroes and world will be restored.

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14th March 2019, 06:29 PM

this was an 11/10 story

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