10th April 2019

Game Master ~ Chis

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The Comet Warlock
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10th April 2019, 09:46 PM

Howdy! I’m Chis :) Thank You for taking time to look at this application (:

General Information
Username: Lunarwolf
Timezone: MTN
Rank on oldcp (not required): Oldcp Moderator
Discord: Chis#0537

How I reach the required competencies
To make this simpler and more convenient for the admin reading this, I’m going to write after each statement how im achieving the competency.

-Active member of the community for 3+ months ~ I’m an active oldcp player and have been playing the game since early 2014.

- MUST have experience in any leadership ranks OR experience in being a game host in the past. ~ I have been a Penguin Watch Captain 3 times now and have taken on many leadership sub roles within those times.

- Trusted member of the community for 6+ months (NO treason or history of abusing commands) ~ Never committed treason nor do I have any bad history regarding abusing commands.[/i]

- Must be able to come online for 5 hours per week ~ Very easy, as a top POTM layer from march I can easily be one of the most active members.

- Must be able to organize events and a schedule for each game host ~ Simple, I have many ideas and i'm eager to hear out other opinions from others. Alongside that im a BOSS at organization and things alike.

More to add

What is your experience in leading?
I have been a PWC captain several times at this point and have a very good understanding on how to handle stressful events, organization and patients. Although I cannot list any PWC examples, i’m able to assure you I have more roles that i’ve handled. As speech and debate club organizer, my job is to make sure that all members are on tip top shape and are always aware of any schedule times; I’ve even hosted a district wide tournament for my school! I assure you that I have had leadership roles and can continue to be one.

Why do you want to be the game master?
It seems like a very fun opportunity since I want oldcp players to get more involved once more. I think of my self as a natural born leader and I thnk I am perfect for this position souly on the fact that I always take initiative. In general, having a sense of leadership and taking charge is always a fun role for me to handle.

How would you regulate game hosts and schedule events?
Oh boy do I have ideas for this c:
For official events
If i were to get picked I would start a google calendar that'd only be available to other hosts and the admins.
Hosts would have to pick at least 5 days a week to host an official event with specific times and dates (also if prizes are involved).
Hosts are given the last 5 days of a month to prepare for next month in advance.
On the first of every month, 1 host would be chosen to post all the times as news and would get a 20k gold reward from the current master for doing so.

For fun
Surely I'll allow hosts to have more than 5 official ones but it'd also isn't bad to let host's host an unplanned game night as long as it doesn't interfere with other event times such as gom and warlord comps.
Alongside that I'd like to host Spanish events for the Spanish speaking user-base (if it ever returns)

Surely I think I am the best choice to not only be a host but the host Master, Due to my previous leadership skills and willingness to take charger not overshadowing the fact that I have great ideas on how to energize cool events! Please consider me as a good option and I thankyou for taking time into reading this.

Bye :3

Angry One
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12th April 2019, 04:07 PM

i hope you get your rank very good application nice things that everyone says but literally dont mean at all okay bye

A hollowed soul.
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