1st January 2019

Ideas for Penguin3D

Made by Harume in Penguin3D

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1st January 2019, 09:13 PM

Hello! I'm Harume, and I'd like to give new ideas for Penguin3D.

1. Content creators (Writers)

Let those people who make a series of paragraphs where they are news, opinions, trivias etc.

2. Penguins of the week.

Each player must nominate a player, for the support and help he has received from the person he is going to nominate.

How does it work?

You must nominate that person that you really think should be a penguin of the week. You must put why it should be chosen.
Then the one who has done the contest (so to speak) must choose only one nominee, and that will be the Penguin of the Week.
Those who are going to nominate should be honest.
After 7 days, it is announced through a blog or something like who was chosen. <This, too, the Writer can do.
Oh, and another thing, the winner takes maximum 4 prizes, minimum 2.

3. A shirt that says "I <3 Penguin 3D"

4. Events with tickets.

5. A space room (This would be good at an event)

6. And finally, a machine where we enter codes and give us objects. You know what I mean,

I could not think of any more ideas, I hope that an administrator can comment on my ideas, and make them real. Well, those that seem good.

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1st January 2019, 09:40 PM

Good ideas

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