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Welcome to the DSGHQ Wiki!
The Official DamenSpike GAMES HQ Encyclopedia that members can write in.

The DSGHQ Wiki was founded by Damen Spike, the creator of the DSGHQ.

The main reason of creating the Wiki was to help everyone learn and understand the history and elements of the Game Empire. Also providing an exciting bio of historical characters involved in events based here on the DSGHQ games.

All sorts of history, facts and other information is stored here in this useful directory! The great thing is that you can have a share too!

What can I contribute?

Rookies cannot edit or create articles until they have gained the rank of Member and reach 50 positive reputation points.

Beyond that requirement, all Members can edit any unprotected articles. Articles created by Moderators or Members can be edited by staff, even if the article is protected, the same applies for Wiki Editors.

All articles are moderated by the Forums Staff and Wiki Editors. They are edited to fit the grammatical requirements and Guidelines of the DSGHQ Wikipedia.

If an article fails to follow the requirements and guidelines, it risks being removed.

Welcome to the DSGHQ Wiki

Its back and better than ever! Lets work together to keep this wiki up-to-date and full of useful memories and information!

By default, Members and above can edit and create articles. Rookies will not be able to edit or make articles until they reach member.


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