Tom started playing OldCP properly in late 2015 after he discovered Club Penguin Private Servers and found OldCP from a Wiki page. One day he found Baffed online, who was his best friend from NewCP which made Tom become more active and develop many new friendships going into 2016 such as Ollo, Skippy, Chopper, Jesse, and SecurityGuy. Since then he has met many more great people and throughout his DSGHQ experience he has obtained a large variety of ranks within many branches:

Wise Moth Council

Wise One

In mid-2016 Tom achieved his first rank Wise One after a few weeks of training with SecurityGuy.

Most Wise

About a month later Tom obtained 'Most Wise' after he passed the test with full marks. Tom was very proud of his results. Tom and SG thought it would be a good idea to create 'Team Wisdom' for the Game of Mods contest and although the team didn't succeed, it was a fun experience. Tom was wise for a very long time, dying many times but he'd always get promoted back. However a change in leadership as well as Tom wanting a new rank resulted in him leaving the Wise Council to become a Moth Larva.

Moth Priest

Tom was a Moth Larva for a few weeks and later he was promoted to 'Moth Priest'.

He held this role for many months until he foolishly decided to attack moderators out of boredom. Tom was demoted and regretted his actions immediately.

Wise Moth

After a few years, Tom became a Wise One again in mid-2018. Tom got demoted as the separate Wise and Moth ranks were removed, instead of being replaced with the rank 'Wise Moth'. Tom competed in the Moth Trials and became a Wise Moth. He resigned a few months later.

In 2020, Tom took the Wise Moth test over 4 years after he took the original test. He became a Wise Moth yet again but resigned after a few weeks after wanting to take on more ranks.



Tom first became a Moderator in January 2018, after winning the 21st stage of Game of Mods.

Tom was a moderator for many months until he decided to quit the community due to personal reasons.


Upon Tom's return to the community in 2020, he became a moderator once again after he became active and had a good reputation in the community.

Crime Office

In early 2016, Tom started showing an interest in Crimezone and became an assistant to Detective Pickle1020. Tom held this role until he became a Wise One a few months later.


Many years later, Tom was asked to become a Detective by Inspector Bakon so he accepted and became a Detective on his alternative account 'Presto'.


After resigning from Detective a few months before, Inspector Saber asked Tom to rejoin the Crime Office and become the new Detective Sergeant. He happily accepted.


Tom was Detective Inspector not long before Saber came back to take on the role. They then both resigned the same day due to loss of interest.


Imperial Knight

When Tom was a Moth Priest, his good friend Jesse trained him to get better at fighting. After Tom got demoted from Moth Priest in early 2017, Jesse told Tom he wanted him as an Imperial Knight so he accepted and got promoted shortly after.

As a Knight Tom fought many goblins and helped to hunt down criminals with the fellow knights and detectives.

Free Fighter

Tom got given the Free Fighter title after his combat skills became better over time.

Knight Captain

A few years later, Tom became Knight Captain of the South having been chosen by Lord Commander Randy.

Lord Commander

Tom shortly became Lord Commander after Randy needed replacing after sadly leaving the community. Tom appointed his former leader Jesse as the new Knight Captain.

Royal Executioner

After being teamed on in the Winter Warlord competition as a huge target due to his combat skills, Damen made Tom the Royal Executioner of the South.

Island Ranks

King of Cobia

Tom was given the title 'King of Cobia' after hisfriend Jdutr gave his land before quitting the game.

Sadly, Tom died due to a bomb during a joust of honor, along with Kensey and Rouge11. This took away Tom's rule of Cobia.

King of Das

A few months after losing Cobia, Tom became King of Das. King Harry swapped ranks with Tom who was Knight-Captain just before becoming King of Das.


Damen's son Wilfred decided to adopt Tom after the Warlord competition in which he was teamed on. Tom lost this role shortly after warring against DRAKE military in the North war.

King of North

Tom had always wanted to rule the North and finally achieved this after coming out successful in the war he declared on the DRAKE/LIBITINA alliance in 2021.

Knighthood Overseas

North Captain

After becoming a North Knight in 2018, Tom later became North Knight Captain.

Chief Cavalier

Top Dogg Jenna decided to appoint Tom as the first Chief Cavalier in early 2019.

Nightwatch Captain

After Orlock became King of Dorval, he introduced Nightwatch Guards as the official knights of Dorval. He appointed Tom as the Captain of these guards.

Military Involvement

Tom's first involvement in militaries was through PLA in 2020, after Milan invited him to join the group. Tom later became a deputy officer and went on to manage the military's wealthy bank account.


After Tom lost Cobia unfairly, Damen gave him 'STAGS' military, inherited by DRAKE. The mutant Orc, Zaboth was killed on his own land Providence after Tom sent in one of the military's nukes. Tom was praised and given the badge of honor for avenging the death of Empress Regent Chelsey.


After he became Knight Captain, Tom got passed KNIGHTS military onto him by Jesse.


In September of 2020, Tom took over the generic IMPERIAL military.


Lord of Stags

After being a loyal member for over 5 years, Tennis gave Tom house Stags.

Lord of Imperials

After Lord Mance of Imperials became evil, he sold Imperials to Tom for 130k gold since he didn't want it as an evil house.

Lord of Knights

Tom took over as Lord of house Knights after Jesse sadly quit.


Lord of Stags

Aliases Tommo, Jerry, Sir Tom
Titles Lord Commander • Knight Captain • Royal Executioner • King of North • King of Das • Supreme Commander of Imperial • Prince • King of Cobia • Detective Inspector • Detective Sergeant • Moderator • Free Fighter • North Captain • Nightwatch Captain • Chief Cavalier • Detective • East Battalion • House Guard • Hand Guard • Imperial Knight • War Knight • Moth Priest • Moth Larva • Wise One • Most Wise • Wise Moth
Gender Male
House Stags
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