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Character Cards of OldCP Lore / Tolkien Lore (mixed)


This channel is for OldCP Character cards on characters from the OldCP Lore / Tolkien Lore (mixed) (OLDCP CRIMEZONE) I FORGOT TO MAKE VAIRE AND ARIEN BUT I'LL MAKE THEM DONT WORRY

There was Eru, whom in Arda is known as Eru iluvatar, and he created first the Ainur "The Holy Ones" whom were the offspring of his thoughts and they were there with him before all else was made, he spoke to them and they sang before him.

There is also Kynareth... mother of the Forest, supposedly to be the Wife of Eru.

However.... as the theme progressed it came into the heart of Melkor.... the FIRST AND MOST POWERFUL OF THE AINUR, to intervene in the song and weave his discord and foul thoughts..... Eru iluvatar called together all the Ainur and DECLARED TO THEM a mighty theme which unfolded to them things greater and more wonderful then the voices of the Ainur began to fashion the theme of iluvatar and the music and the echo of the music went out into the void.

During the song Melkor was weaving his discord into the theme but this was countered by Eru multiple times.

A new world was created and was sustained and beneath the void and Eru said to them 'Behold your music and those of you that will go down into it' and so the Ainur descended into the new world to commence their job of creating life, animals, plants etc.

Melkor/Morgoth is the headmaster of Pythas/Sauron and of all the Nazgul and Draconians, When Melkor descended down to seek to corrupt Arda, Manwe appeared and they strived, but Manwe summoned many spirits of the Ainur to aid him, and so Melkor fled Arda but was to return again.... to continue his evil. Melkor also has 2 younger brothers... Manwe and Orome. (IN THE LORE of OldCP Orome is their brother)

Both Manwe is the Lord of the West and Orome is the Lord of the Forests, they are indeed both married here are their wives, Vana The Ever Young (Wife of Orome) and Varda The Queen of all Stars (Wife of Manwe)

Vana has a sister named Yavanna whom is the wife of one of the Ainur named Aule, whom was a craftsman, he created the race of Dwarves out of impatience and helped form Arda.

Orome has a sister named Nessa, she runs swiftly faster than a Deer and is powerful. Nessa is the mother of Fable/Olorin and Dunedain The Saviour, Nessa is married to one of the strongest of the Ainur, the Champion of all Ainur named 'Tulks' "The Strong" Tulkas once battled Melkor and Melkor was scared of him but not anymore..

There is indeed one of the Ainur no one has ever heard about, his name is Ulmo and you wonder whom he is? Ulmo is the creator of the sea and water and animals that dwell within the sea of Arda, he is like posideon because he actually has his own Trident.

There are TWO Ainur..... whom betrayed the rest of the Ainur and sided with Melkor when he emerged again from the void.... Mandos, the Ainur of Death and his Wife Vaire, the Weaver, they both joined Melkor's Melkorian Government

I forgot to make Vaire but I'll make her and add her

As Melkor progressed in creating foul things of Arda and doing bad deeds and such, he fell and eventually became 'Morgoth Bauglir' "The Menace" He has emerged again from the void and he has descended to OldCP to attack and enslave all and seeks to corrupt Arda but Accal has been rebirthed by Eru and Accal's true name is Turin, Turin is Melkor's MOST HATED ENEMY for Turin is now one of the Holy Ones and is to battle Melkor.