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Overall Times Since 11th May 2020

# Username Rank Time / Gap
1 Moderator 116d 16h 31m 46s
2 Master 112d 17h 39m 51s
3 Administrator 110d 11h 11m 34s
4 Moderator 103d 11h 7m 2s
5 Moderator 90d 19h 22m 50s
6 Master 86d 19h 31m 31s
7 Banned 64d 1h 22m 2s
8 Master 48d 11h 46m 25s
9 Banned 47d 14h 47m 55s
10 Member 42d 19h 28m 52s
11 Master 40d 13h 33m 12s
12 Moderator 40d 6h 33m 17s
13 Member 38d 3h 37m 10s
14 Member 36d 16h 37m 6s
15 Master 32d 3h 47m 14s
16 Administrator 31d 13h 22m 4s
17 Master 29d 15h 46m 45s
18 Master 29d 9h 54m 5s
19 Master 28d 21h 59m 48s
20 Master 28d 12h 23m 15s