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Dancebear and Zes for your Regent Queen & Helper

Dancebear - Queen Regent

Good day to you all,

If you don’t know me yet, I’m Dancebear and I’m a veteran user of the DSGHQ. I’ve been an active user since 2014, and here I am in 2020… Still here! I am currently running for a bid for Queen Regent of Snaildom. In order to get this bid, I need your support. I will present to you a brief of my background and the reason why I want to compete in Game of Kings.

Back in 2014, I competed in Game of Kings on Snaildom when the game was first released. I ended up placing 2nd with Sled, behind Cyberwolf and Cheep, who were crowned Regent rulers of the game. This competition tests competency and leadership. I personally believe that this competition will showcase the potential I have to rule the game (as a regent of course). I have a lot of previous experience in the royals. I was a princess for about a year on Oldcp, as well as being an Empress for 2 days. I also have leadership experience by leading my own GOM team recently to victory, and also winning the moderator title for a 2nd time in my journey.

Here are all of my current/past ranks in the DSGHQ

- Empress
- Princess
- Moderator
- Detective
- Emperor’s Guard, Imperial Knight, War Knight
- Lord
- News Reporter

- Moderator
- News Reporter
- Master
- DJ

- Moderator
- Princess
- Detective

Now… Why do I want to compete in Game of Kings? Why do I want to be the regent ruler of Snaildom? I would love a second chance for redemption to prove my leadership skills to the community from the last time when I was only empress for 2 days on Oldcp. I think I will do a remarkable job serving the users, for real this time. I love competing it gives me drive and motivation to do my best, and I think earning this big rank will push my boundaries to the top and will definitely give me the challenge I think I deserve.

Zes - Helper

Watup! My names Zes (obviously) and I’m Dancebear’s helper for our Queen Regent campaign on Snaildom! Let me start by talking a little bit about myself. I’m a dancer, barber, graphic designer, and some other stuff but other than that im pretty boring. I love rap and R&B music. I’m a really friendly guy who you will always have a great time talking to so come chill with me if you see me online! :) I’m fortunate to be so well known and have a great reputation with pretty much everyone in the DSGHQ community.

Anyway, now to the stuff that actually matters. Dancebear and I plan to work together to fulfil our vision for Snaildom. We both see lots of potential for the game and that it can be much more than it is at the moment. I would personally contribute as Dancebear’s helper by helping to give users the best possible experience based on their feedback, complaints, etc. Being apart of the community and alongside everyone for a while has given me an idea of what people would like to see in a game. All users know that I am someone that they can easily come to with any requests or concerns while being at comfort. Our goal is to make complete unbiased decisions only to give back to the community and make Snaildom a much more fun place to be for everyone. As a friend of everyone in the community and being the helper of Dancebear, I would easily be able to express mine and others views to make sure everyone is satisfied. All responsibilities will be taken seriously. This includes being there to help users with any requests, hosting various events to keep users entertained, and keeping the game safe while creating a more fun environment for the users of Snaildom.

Now that we got that out of the way, let me list my experiences in ranks and why you should show Dancebear support in becoming the Queen Regent, and why you should show me support in becoming her helper. Note: This list only consists the experience I have within DSGHQ platforms. Other games I have administrated or moderated are not included.

OldCP Ranks:

Imperial Knight
Designer (This isn’t an official rank. It was just a title given to me while I was a moderator because I was creating rooms for OldCP)

As you probably know, I have given a lot to the users of OldCP such as the jousting system (with the help of Rocket), various clothing item, etc. I’ve really just been giving back to the users and giving them a better experience whenever I had the power to do so, even though I was never asked to. Dancebear and I will do everything in our power to do the same for the users of Snaildom! Both of us have had roles similar to Queen and Helper, and are highly experienced. We won’t disappoint you!

Respects for the time you put into reading this :) If you haven’t already, make sure to check out Dancebear’s post as well!

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