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History of OldCP’s Empire

With the return of the old website design, the Empire page has been recovered.
Seeing as how this page hasn't been updated since 2016 and could possibly be removed in the future, I thought it'd be fun for us to bring it onto the forums and update it as a memento.
I've pulled this information from multiple sources with some help, making it (probably) the most accurate reference possible.

** This page was created by Chelsey and is now being edited by Jesse. Feel free to mail Jesse corrections if any information below is inaccurate

Imperial South
The North
The Island of Das
Providence Island
Island of Dorval

Royal Heirs
South Throne
North Throne

Southern Royal History
History of Emperors
History of Empresses
History of Emperor Helpers
History of Southern Princes
History of Southern Princesses
History of Warlords
History of Grand Most Wise Ones
History of High Priests
History of Lords/Ladies of the Bank
History of World Champions
History of Knight Captains

Northern Royal History
History of Kings
History of Queens