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Once a Freehawk, always a Freehawk
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Freehawks are an OldCP based group that was founded in January 2013 by Journey and Key123. Matthewvacc later won the group in a joust, and runs it to date. We are infamous for our participation in GOMs, in which we've won countless times, and for our deep enriching history in the community.

Freehawk stats
Moderator competitions competed in: 9
Moderator competitions won: 4 (The only team to win 4 consecutive GOMs)
First Freehawks GOM winner: Journey
Freehawks who have won the moderator competition: Journey, Nintendo, Tikiliki, Key123, Bailey, Bakon, and Dancebear.

Official Freehawks Roster
Owner/Leader: Matthewvacc
Co-leader: TBD

Freehawk Mod Comp Winners and DSGHQ Staff
- Journey (Winner of the 1st moderator competition)
- TikiLiki (Winner of the 6th moderator competition)
- Bailey (Winner of the 7th moderator competition)
- Iwuvbakon (Winner of the 7th moderator competition)
- Key123 (Winner of the 7th moderator competition)
- Tennis (Finalist of the 5th mod comp, forum moderator, former administrator)
- Hashir (Finalist of the 5th mod comp, former moderator, administrator)
- Dancebear (Winner of the 10th moderator competition)

3/11/2013 - Matthewvacc wons the Freehawks in a joust, after it was taken from Key123 and on the edge of corruption.