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The unoffical but radical Peasent army comprised of child soldiers and civilians who wish to defend themselves and have the right to bear arms

OldCP's Peasent Army

The Peasent Army is an unoffical Civilian Army comprised of peasent penguins and child soldiers who are tired of dying left and right from enemies without proper protection. They exist as a civilian militia aimed to everyone who wishes to bear arms and fight against oppressors that dare tread on our ground.

We are not affiliated with the Knights as they are appointed lackeys of the Empire. We exist as a civilian only militia.

Member count = 2

As we grow and gain influence we will have the right to:

- bear arms
- fight back enemies as civilians instead of lackeys for the empire
- gain money to expand the army
- fight in the name of epic [insert ideology here]

Everyone is allowed (except for communists)

UPDATE 1= New uniform /outfit peasentsoldier (can be used to customize what you like