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Game Of Kings Series 2

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Interview w/ News Reporter Dice:

“What or who inspired/made you to run for this position?”
Seeing users on the platform inspired me to run for this position. DSGHQ has something that very few communities have and I would say that its the user's loyalty and commitment to the games. Ever since I was accepted into the community, there's been a drive in me to keep finding ways to give back - this being one of many.

“What are some of your big plans you have if made King?”
If I were made King, to the best of my abilities, one of my bigger plans would be to negotiate with Damen to extend the map. I feel that Snaildom embodies a unique design that OldCP, Penguin3D or LeoRPG can't compare to and if that same style were to be carried onto more rooms, the game would be open to more interaction. Another major plan would be to bring back structure to the game. With the recent rank reset I feel everyone is at a loss for direction. Building the Empire is a priority.

“How important is it for you that the users of Snaildom have a voice? If it is important at all, how would you help the users to have a voice?”
If I were to put it this way, I or any of the other candidates do not know what is best for the game. Our decisions may work one day and completely falter the next. If users put so much trust in their choice of the King or Queen, then it would only be fair that the favour of trusting what the users have to say, be returned. Meeting in the middle of the user's desires for the game is very important.

“If you were to not be nominated, or not win GOK, who do you support to become the new king/queen?”
Knowing Sam/Sophia has made countless efforts to earn Moderator on OldCP by doing GOMs and has yet to be given the chance, with Terry under her wing as well, they would get my vote.