2nd February 2014

Moderator Position Application!

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Haydir Allah
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2nd February 2014, 11:36 AM

Hey Guysi would like to apply for a Moderator position.

Introduction: I hear that oldcp is ineed of moderators to help keep the island safe! The reason I would like to become a moderator is I could watch over the island day and night and my activeness is 100% I am always active on OldCP I have loads of experience on different Cppses and stuff here is a list of them.

iDevelop: Moderator Rank Position
iStorm : Owner Rank Position
iDiamond: Owner Rank Position
SolarCP: Moderator Position
ColorCPPS: Moderator Position
CPPS.ME: Was moderator
Cpps.se: Moderator Position
Roudrasish CPPS: Moderator Position
UlitimatePenguin: Moderator Position
Candycpps: Admin Position
iCyber: Admin Position
FameCPPSV2: Admin Position

That is all my experience and there are more reasons why i would like to be in a moderator position I could stay online For like 9 hours or More than that and Keep watch over the oldcp island and If there are any hackers trying to hack i shall Kick 1 time to Warn them 2nd time il ban or kick 3rd time Ban if they Make another account i will just ipban then I know oldcp has hackers sometimes but they seem to be fake some are real one of them was fake a person faking to be island as Lsland but lower case L to l and Also if i do recive a moderator position i will look after the island and i will also get abit of help from the other mods seeing as they might know alot than me they can teach me the commands and what to do when in a moderator position. I hope i recive a moderator position that would be fantastic and like i said i will take care of the island with the other moderators they can show me what to do and tell me what i need to do i already know the banning policy here it is:
The Banning Policy:

3 kicks - makes 1 ban.
2 kicks for bullying makes 1 ban.
3 bans = makes IPban.

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