10th September 2013

Official - Community Rules

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10th September 2013, 08:41 AM

Welcome to the DamenSpike Forum, we thank you for using this amazing tool as a place to unite your words with the entire internet worldwide.

Community values for all our games
We respect eachother, regardless their age, gender, race, beliefs and views.
And we treat one another the way we wish to be treated.

We forgive one another when we're sorry for things we've done.

Peace and Mercy
We value peace above all desire to argue, fight and gossip. We want peace even if we haven't done anything wrong.

Examples of applying our values...
We forgive our friends when they are sorry. *
We do not use bad language.
We do not talk about inappropriate things. #
We do not lie about our age or gender ***
We do not spam.
We do not spam dislikes on people's posts. *
We respect the judgement of staff.
We do not try to trick the rules.
We do not threaten eachother or OldCP. *
We do not impersonate others. *
We do not talk about self harm.
We do not cause drama, strife or gossip. *
We do not hold video chat parties without the supervision of an administrator.
We do not use any type of third party software to ruin the game for others.
Please do not advertise other services without permission from the administrators. **
* See Our Community Values.

** Business contact [email protected]
*** You are strongly advised to reveal as little information about yourself as possible. You are also strongly advised not to 'online date'. Whatever you do choose to reveal must be the truth or it will incur serious consequences: rank ban & suspension. You are not allowed to reveal your full name, address, date of birth or you will be suspended. Anyone asking for this kind of information will be banned indefinitely.
# Anything related to things of a sexual nature


- Content must abide by the community values and be clean (no swearing or adult themes)
- Queue unique videos not the same ones
- Moderators must not skip a video if the video does not break the above rules

Valores de la comunidad para todos nuestros juegos

Nos respetamos el uno al otro, sin importar su edad, género, raza, creencias y vistas.
Y nos tratamos el uno al otro de la forma que queremos que nos traten.

Nos perdonamos el uno al otro cuando nos disculpamos por cosas que hemos hecho.

Paz y Piedad
Valoramos la paz encima de todo deseo de discutir, pelear y los chismorrear. Queremos paz aún si no hemos hecho nada mal.

Ejemplos de aplicar nuestros valores...
Perdonamos a nuestros amigos cuando se disculpan. *
No usamos mal lenguaje.
No hacemos spam.
Respetamos el criterio del staff.
No intentamos engañar a las reglas.
No nos amenazamos el uno al otro o a OldCP. *
No nos hacemos pasar por otros. *
No hablamos sobre autolesión.
No causamos drama, peleas o chismes. *
No mantenemos grupos de video chat sin la supervisión de un administrador.
No usamos ningún tipo de software de terceros para arruinar el juego para otros.
Por favor no hagas publicidad de otros servicios sin permiso de los administradores. **
* Ver Nuestros Valores de Comunidad.

** Contacto de negocio [email protected]

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10th September 2013, 08:41 AM

Cool Damen! I will follow these rules and try to make others follow them too. ;)

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26th February 2015, 12:00 PM

Great rules Damen, just an update about Cyber bullying. :)

- Cyber bullying is a rule on the DSGHQ to all follow. Being nasty or spam messaging someone horrible things is also a class of bullying. Make sure not to hack or make loads of discussions on people you hate, keep it to yourself. Follow this extra rule so you can help the community be much more positive. :)

Also staff, I have permission to reply on this topic from Damen:


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5th February 2019, 05:28 AM

Forums tutorial by Kara (thank you)


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