5th September 2020

Cabinet App - Rouge Independent

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5th September 2020, 02:28 PM

I'll be writing this next sentence for all of my applications from now on. My name is Rouge. I am Irish, 19 years old and currently live on a diet of cheerios and regret. I was a member of the first Cabinet and I really liked it so I've decided to run again. I am applying for the role of Independent.

I will introduce some of my old ideas:
1. Let the users pick what CZ they want next time when a CZ storyline ends. A lot of us are confused with the current CZ as we have had a mix of disney, pirates and Pythas running around and it might be more fun if we vote which CZ storyline we want. This can be organised using Forums poll or voting through the OLDCP server - 6/14/2020

2. Bring back the pool of blood that flows out of ur head when your penguin dies. (I know that Damen would be the main person to decide this but I do kinda miss having this feature and was wondering if I’m the only one who feels this way). - 7/15/2020

New ideas:
1. Make a command where we can see how many evil bots are left. We're constantly at war, we are going to war again and CZ probably has 50 million bots waiting at the doors of doom. It would be nice if we could have this sort of command to encourage good users to defeat bots.

2. Cabinet bonding session: I've organised this with the mods, dets and det assistants so far. Basically, we can meet every 2-3 weeks on OldCP or so and just have fun and get to know each other. We can play mini games and talk about proposals if we want to.

I have some more ideas but I'm going to settle with these ones first. Good luck to everyone else who has applied and hope you all have a good day :)

+1 by EbonJaeger, Varai, Tommo, Jesse and 4 others, -1 by bryn and amelie

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