6th September 2020

Cabinet Application - Wise Representative

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6th September 2020, 11:05 AM


The following discussion will contain two proposals, as it is the following requirement in order to apply to be part of the Cabinet. I will be applying as a Wise representative, on behalf of these proposals.

  • The wise counsel has been lacking involvement in the game. Overtime, the rank has slowly lost its purpose and the current users of the council are interested to see more in action. Various members are confused about what has been going on in the crime zone because it mostly involves knowing the storyline and having the knowledge of its lore in the back of their minds. Therefore, it would be useful if the wise ones would update its scrolls on either a weekly or monthly basis and add more history behind it. The users will have access to /jr libraryowisdom and will be able to not only view, but be informed of its current information. Adding information has been a duty for the wise ones, but due to its activity in the rank, it needs to be enforced more.

  • The Penguin Watch has been an organization that existed for several years now. The purpose of it is not only for the Penguin Watch members to be familiarized in understanding the concept of moderation, but it used to be a great stepping stone if one wanted to become a moderator. The member or captain has first-hand experience with understanding the rules and practice with being a moderator in undercover. Nowadays, the administration team should take in consideration and enforce of promoting one of the members or captains to moderator, instead of having to choose from a veteran or a user who has only been ‘active’, As Senior Penguin Watch Captain, I believe that every member in the team has potential to be a successful moderator in the future.

These proposals are under no obligation to be taken into action. Please consider that these are simply ideas to possibly make improvements towards the game.
Thank you to Chelsey and Brit for giving us the opportunity to apply for the position. Good luck to all the applicants.

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6th September 2020, 11:10 AM


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