6th September 2020

Cabinet Application - Bank

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6th September 2020, 11:36 AM

The text below will outline my small but effective proposal for OldCP. This will mainly be revolving around the reason we all joined OldCP, which was to experience the golden days of the Club Penguin franchise. I believe this has died down in recent years, but if certain people and developers within the community commit to my ideas, I guarantee that we'll see such an experience spark back into life.
I must admit that this idea is a versatile one as it doesn't only touch on my plan to bring back the years of penguin yore, but it also helps to keep the Imperial Bank in prosperous conditions. I propose that certain rooms around the island(s) contain small yet effective products or services carried out by specific people in exchange for gold. For example, a hunger/thirst bar can be introduced to get users interacting with more rooms and making gold even more of an important aspect in the game. When the hunger/thirst bar decreases, a user can go to the Pizza Parlour to tuck into some pizza or the Coffee Shop for a quick cup of, you guessed it, coffee! I want to see these things being given to them by workers, both bot or human. Bots can be used in the times that workers aren't online.

Workers would be paid using a percentage of the sales they generate from their job/service. I believe this idea would let us experience a more authentic yet remastered version of old Club Penguin and would also bring the community closer together as we become more reliant on the other. Furthermore, this idea would inspire users to make their own business and know that there will be developers or other users they can contact to properly setup a business and actually sell a good or service.

Thank you for reading the application. I'd like to thank Chelsey for making the format for a Cabinet Application so unique, it was fun brainstorming an idea rather than paragraph upon paragraph answering questions!

Do not hesitate to give me feedback below (as long as it is constructive), I'll definitely take it on board!

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