6th October 2021

Lore of the Vulture Princess

Made by Loki in Crimezone

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6th October 2021, 12:24 PM

This is the lore of myself, from what I have pieced together... Some of it may be incorrect....

I am not certain of my hatch date, but my life started on a dark night over 300 years ago in a high tree in the land of either Das or Cobia. This would be the only night of my life where I had my biological parents. Both of them served Pythas and Melody at this time. In celebration of mine and my sister's hatching, they went off briefly at the crack of dawn to find a forest boy to feast on. When they returned, the nest was empty.

My sister and I were stolen as hatchlings by either LEGION, one of the nazgul, or possibly even Pythas himself. I am not certain what became of my sister until we met again later in life, I believe she was raised by witches. But this is what happened to me.

For a time, I was raised by various evils. I was taught to do evil work and to worship Pythas. This was easy, it was in my young vulture nature to do both of the above. My mother, after all, was the most evil vulture, my father was much like her but with less of an evil reputation. I grew strong and evil and had a very cold heart and callous soul, my parents would have been so proud. Eventually, I was turned into a person by some form of magic and I forgot all about my sister, my parents, and my heritage. I forgot that I was even a vulture. As you can see, there are a lot of gaps in my memory of my childhood, I will fill in some gaps with stories later.

Somehow I ended up in an egg again. It must have been evil's way of sending me off into the world to infiltrate normal society. I was hatched a second time on Das by Orlock. I must have been 10 seconds away from becoming an omelette when some force told him to sit on the egg instead of eating it (thank you unknown entity!). From then on, everything is pretty clear. I was raised as a vampire for a time on Dorval and eventually was cured of that though the disease of vampire-ism returned a couple times.

I was evil for a very long time, until I became good. Events which can all be read in my wiki.

Then came the transition to the third dimension (Penguin3D). I was good there for a time. It did not last long. The transition was harsh and harsher yet was the sting of the morgul blade that pierced my skin. The wound did not appear to be as terrible as it truly was and after much agony, I passed into the wraith world. I became a dark figure with no shadow and a follower of Pythas once again. I am cursed by light, first for being a vulture and second for being evil. Once a morgul blade has bit into your flesh, you don't have much of a choice in the latter. And who would I be to turn my back on mother nature? I am a vulture and my parents are vulture royalty, I may as well embrace it!

I am Loki, Princess of Vultures!

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6th October 2021, 02:54 PM

LOL you were saved by Orlock's butt. Now that is a story arc I wish I had.

Well done for embracing your evil roots

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Damen wrote on 6th October 2021, 02:54 PM:
LOL you were saved by Orlock's butt. Now that is a story arc I wish I had.
Well done for embracing your evil roots
Thank you. I think I hate you now LMAO 🤣 Kidding but I didn’t think of it like that before 😂

(PS check your dms if you want to hear the voice acting that I promised you)

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u forgot the part where i found ur mother and helped her find your way back to you

can u see this...
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wow ur old

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