9th October 2021

I'm the God of war irl

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9th October 2021, 04:24 PM

Look Idc if ppl dislike this cause this is personal. REALLY PERSONAL. I GENUINLY BELIEVE THIS OK?

Today I was on a razzer with the geezers at like 8pm, in a forest. And Im with my friend jake alongside 4 others, and I had to proclaim Dominance and show that im the top dog you know what im saying. So I said, in a manly voice, "Listen here, I am the hardest one here" Then Jake decided to open his trap and say "Actually i am the god of war, therefore I am the first hardest, Ellys is the second. (Im ellys lol)

I personally got offended, because My dad IRL is,now was, literally the god of war, (Gamer can back this up) So I thought jake had killed my father, and I wanted vengence, (Like Kratos, but I didn't kill my family lol. thats illegal) So we walked up this long hill, and found a bench, he sat down, and i then stood my ground and said
"Jake, i challenge you to a dual tussle for the title of God of war!" Jake looked at me with literal fear and said "Nah mate" so then i said "You deny so i Win, Therefore i am the god of war," he said "Oh my god no..... noo.. what have id one!"

Now i stand at a towering 5'8, biceps as big as the the universe, A handsome face with a sharp jawline, very strong, a womanizer. the God of war. If you dare challenge me, i will literally throtlle you, you don mate.

Lol and fart

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9th October 2021, 05:49 PM

nice story

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