13th October 2021

A Story

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Hello, all. I have taken it upon myself to leave you a small piece of fiction. Take of it what you will. Do not look farther into it. Sometimes a story is just a story.

The great fiery wyrm rose from beneath, his deep flame filling the sky like the sunset of demise. The Great Goalcanan entered the comfortable and menacing halls of Dabru Dra in search of land for conquer. The Vile were interested, as he offered a much more powerful leader and a future goal, and therefore both Atlaar and Koil were at the Dragon's side. Atphys, left with no servants, turned to the cold, and became alike to his lover, taken from him by he who conquered his halls.

Rohbalt returned, but his chaos would soon be cut short, by some unnamed savior who is yet to find themselves in a spot of heroism. This of course would finally awaken the great and mighty Leau to come back to fight, swinging his hammer in great strides towards the towering Agh Ortogrot, a follower of Goalcanan and his True Arcionnad army, the lesser of which the awakened Vile, Atlaar and Koil, who through it all would lay relatively low, preserving themselves from the greater battles, as they knew once the greats fell, it would be them to take up the mantle of their masters.

Unfortunately, Leau would be unsuccessful, but in his wake a returned copy, Eual Tropurc, would turn from his once Vile ways, and join the Enots Sonams. Amidst it all, the great Terauln Orbsever, Uluhcht, would finally raise a Kingdom from the Ase surrounding Enots Lise. Abory, his son, would fight with him to receive his Ase Indtret from Atphys, succeeding against the unprepared and unknowing Eci Army.

It would be around this time that Sondam would finally awaken, his previous followers abandoning him in his absence, he would however regather them in the Goalcanan approved mission to trial Venar, son of Atphys. Whether or not his trial be successful, the outcome would have little effect, as it would be blissfully ignored by the arrival of the great and holy Aeon Semslen, for once nadme, in the form of a man by the name of "Mot."

This holy being and his action is unknown, much like his name aside from this temporary form, but we can be certain that Sondam would fall to Doom, leaving his belongings and title to his scandalous heir whom he abandoned at birth to save himself. Venar unscathed, Mot would soon depart.

Unfortunately, this holy act would not be the end to the madness, for the Barsglo would soon attack the Onethsru Empire, their power far outmatching them, even the Lords who would fight, the Vile gaining revenge on their once oppressors, but not staking claim to the land, Atlaar would once again receive a so sought after Indtret, of course it would mean little, as the Barsglo would simply demand it from him, and he would not be so foolish to desist them.

The Indtret of Githl would be burned, through the action, the powerful Barsglo Lieutenant Gohgomt would seek to rise against Goalcanan, the Arcionnad army once again remaining dormant to save themselves, Gohgomt would still prove a worthy opponent.

Mafel, after so long in his pursuit of power, would finally become as large and as powerful as his father, the great Remlok, his sister Urego becoming as powerful as their mother, Arnie, and they would push forward together, bound through the powers of light and dark, as bright as the sun, and as dark as the black of deep space. And through it all, Letlit would expand herself to be safe from the chaos, becoming a galaxy of her own, and encompassing the great sky, giving hope to many.

The previously mentioned Arcionnad would finally follow through on their plan in saving themselves, locking themselves away in hiding, their master Goalcanan having far bigger problems, would not seek them out, while they sat with what others left with them, gaining power to rise from the fall of their second master.

Finally, Leau and his armies would again send towards the Barglo warrior Agh Ortogrot, and through their armies, even the knight would indeed aid, it would be the Enud warrior Ranzo that would deal the final blow to the beast, a hero amongst them.

Finally, with Goalcanan's armies weakened, and with no aid from the Arcionnad, all of the Indtrets would be combined together, with each of the wielders agreeing it had to be done, and given to the Knight, excluding of course Atlaar who would again gain his own Indtret sometime after losing the sought after Indtret of Githl, would again somehow lose another - they would stab into the beast, Goalcanan's might would be outdone, thus destroying him, for good.

Unfortunately, Gohgomt would not be quite the same, using the opportunity to strike on the Knight, finally taking out his light in a foul and cowardly movement, perhaps aided by Atlaar who had sent him to the grave prior. In a last act of defiance, through it all, Atphys would strike with the power of Eci, and Gohgomt would fall with the Knight.

As for what happens after? My fictional mind is confounded. I am uncertain. This highly fantastical story that has no meaning or purpose whatsoever of course ends as my natural author's insight does not continue.

I do however assume in my natural writer's brainstorm that the remaining warriors, including Ranzo as well as Venar would send for Mafel and Urego, the Vile of course no longer being much an enemy towards them as they would not seek to aid Mafel or Urego for they knew that the battle would end with many of either side being slain, where they would then profit from the power pedestal.

Atphys and his planningly unfaithful wife, the father and mother of Venar, as well as Ranzo would continue their push as well as the previous Indtret bearers (excluding Atlaar) to the final threats with their power which was certainly temporary for either of them.

Mafel and Urego would have taken up the mantle of Goalcanan, including most of the islands, and though their power would surge, they would unfortunately be outnumbered with no aid from the Vile who they so often ignored, and therefore, Atphys, the Eci army, Venar, Ranzo, Leau, Eual Tropurc, and the Onethsru armies would simply outnumber them- Venar being skilled in having destroyed masters of Mafel's power before. Several would die, but eventually, Venar would push past Mafel and his strength, eventually killing him, Mafel taking most of their army down with him.

After this time, the Vile would most likely take up the previously mentioned mantle - Urego managing to escape, would most likely rejoin them. It is also to be assumed that Atphys would be slain in these efforts - possibly saving his son from death.

Once again this story is entirely fictional and has no lead toward any sort of future event or happening. Simply a fun story! Make of it what you will!

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