9th December 2021

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The Guy From Boston
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9th December 2021, 01:48 PM

my application for forum mod, in case DSGHQ needs more:

My name's Bashy, I joined the forums on March 20th, 2014, and have been a consistent member since then, often posting and participating in events the community has made up.

I have been a moderator for multiple discord servers, xat chats, and roleplaying games on ROBLOX and etc, alongside acting as a director for a game. My skills as management for the forums would be greatly appreciated. Other experiences that involve policing on the games would be Imperial Knight, Detective, Black Guard, War Knight and Master.

I believe the moderation team on the forums is in additional need of Europeans that can oversee the forums while EST people are asleep, it helps to reinforce the 24/7 moderation the forums is well known. I am also open to learning from moderating the forum I've spent with for about 7 years now.


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im not religious
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9th December 2021, 02:19 PM


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9th December 2021, 02:47 PM

Epic Application, but from what im aware of, you don't need to make an application, rather you can apply at a vacancy that's usually opened when Damen needs more mods, unfortunately there is no current vacancy open, but I will pass on this message to Damen and get his opinion.

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Lol and fart

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9th December 2021, 11:21 PM

If I were Damen, I would definitely consider you for forums mod after reading this. I think the last paragraph struck me as to why we might need someone like you on the team, and we could really benefit from it. Excellent application, Bashy! Good luck. :)

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9th December 2021, 11:27 PM

Hi there,
Nice application.

Honestly, if activity was boosted it would be nice having more staff, but the need just isn’t like it used to be. Vacancies rarely open nowadays…

We do have a solution to the whole “sleeping” issue with staff. Any information posted by a member of the “Rookie” rank has to have their information approved prior to being posted anywhere on the community, the current population of users on here rarely cause any significant uproar in my opinion…

Regardless, good application & good luck!

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11th December 2021, 07:26 PM

already beats half the staff good job

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