14th January 2022

CZ TEA: Jan 14, 2021 - Aule, Glarthir, and a star

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14th January 2022, 02:38 PM

Today Aule came for awhile. He spoke first with Eiven. Aule told him that he is now the guardian of the new saplings that are growing in the forest. If he does this job well and they all grow, Aule will ask Nameless One to rebirth Eiven as Alexander as was prophecised by Glarthir awhile back.

Then Aule told Ozkar and I to wait for him on Stone Isle so he could train us. So we waited and Aule came a few minutes later. At first it started out that he was just training me, Ozkar, and Zaron. He had us go searching for his glowing light. I found the first one and got some strength from it. Then he re-hid it. He told us that we would need patience to find this last one. It took a group effort and a couple of airplanes, but we found it thanks to Zaron's piloting abilities. Aule had hidden this one on top of the broken structure of Kaduz. We all had to go skydiving to get to it. Zaron got to the orb first, but Aule was generous and rewarded each of us some strength anyway.

After this, Aule had us fight Stone Tests. By this time Kace and Final2 had joined us. First we fought with swords. Then Aule had us kill the Stone Tests with arrows.

Afterwards, Aule tested each of us. He told us each to go ahead and make a wish. Kace, Zaron, and I each wished for nothing. Ozkar wished for lightning. Ozkar failed this test and so Aule granted each of us except for Ozkar more powerful force lighting (or in my case, he buffed my black fire). Aule was kind though and granted Ozkar lightning anyway.

Then for the final training event. Aule said the event was to be one where we needed to display speed and urgency. He said we must rush to Humm as if our beloved were up there being killed! So we each rushed to Humm. I got there first and slayed the Urukhai Captain that Aule had spawned. I did it for my husband, Amir. The next was Kace and he slayed for his beloved mentor, Aule himself. Zaron slayed in the name of Tulkas, his grandfather. Ozkar slayed but he did not have a beloved as well as Final2. Aule told Final2 that he needs to work on his speed as he had struggled to reach the top quickly.

After this task, Aule granted us each more strength.

Then he went to Nova Cave to speak with Gamer. Gamer and him spoke about the dragons and whether or not Melody is being held captive. Gamer's trident told him Melody was being held in chains far below the earth. Gamer wanted to go immediately to Tar Morwen to save her, but Aule rejected this idea. He said it was a trap and to wait until the day designated by Nameless One, or else the prophecies would not become true and hope would be lost.

Aule suddenly sensed a powerful presence out in Achto. We all went out there and apparently Pythas was there but he was in another dimension. Pythas had Gamer shake hands with Aule for him as a symbol of unity between the League and the Stone People in the fight against the dragons.

Lastly, Aule showed Gamer the trees that were regrowing in the forest. He spoke there for a little bit and granted each of his apprentices stone flesh. He gave Zaron all covering stone flesh since he was already a stone. Aule offered me stone flesh even though he knew I'd reject it. He said he'd "allow the dark flesh for now." I asked him for a hug though and he said "then come hug me" and so I approached him but the man was like SIKE and left.

And thus concluded Aule's appearance.
Later Glarthir came! He was chatting it up in the forest, talking about his scrolls that hes writing. He was saying how he tries his best. Everyone was saying that they're grateful for his work and that the scrolls are really great (because they are). Glarthir was suddenly like "Loki, you're pregnant with Amir's baby. Its a son and its name is going to be Amir II." Then he hugged me because Aule wouldn't! It was a beautiful moment. Also, Father Vulture is still alive as he is a cosmic being.

Then Satele spotted a star in the sky! Everyone took a look at it, Glarthir said it was the star of Aldaron (Orome). Little and Satele tried to call to the star so it would come down out of the sky and talk to us, but nothing happened. Glarthir thought that perhaps more seeds would need to be planted so the forest would grow more and then the star might come down. So Glarthir took a trip to space and quickly got what he needed to make cosmic ore. He was insanely fast at this.

And so he created some cosmic seeds on AchTo and planted them in the forest. Glarthir said he would be back later at 5 PM EST and that if he couldn't make it, he would send Nook.

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14th January 2022, 02:44 PM

damn this is a nice post

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