30th January 2022

My Penguin3D admin app.

Made by DaN in Applications

¡Hola Buenas!
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30th January 2022, 02:15 AM

Hey there!

Well, some of you may already know that I was chosen as a candidate for administrator.

My activity per month:

About me:

People probably already know me but I'm gonna introduce myself again anyways. People know me as Danito. I'm from Ecuador, I joined this game 3 years ago, exactly on November 1 2018 and I have always liked being in this community.

I met a lot of great people which someone could call them a good friend, I have studied a lot about this game. I have a lot of experience on it and even before getting moderatorship for first time ever on Penguin3D, I had this passion of following the rules and helping new users and I really enjoyed helping people, it's a good feeling to me.

I have a lot of experience in this game, and also experience on being administrator, since I have been one in the past and also I am bilingual, my main language is Spanish and I also speak english, since there are not Spanish speaking administrators, I think it's already needed since people speak Spanish and english in this game.

If you need any help or got any questions on Penguin3D you can ask us, don't be shy!

After I became moderator I have helped and taken action whenever it's needed.

A lot of stuff happened in this community, and I have really enjoyed being in here, this really makes me want to stay here forever because I can spend time with my friends in here and it's so fun to be around friends and hang out with them in this game.

I think Penguin3D is already a great game and I would like we all to be able to make it even better together, no hate to anyone, and treat everyone nicely, how you want to be treated, always follow the community values, that's how we can make this community even better, I think it's possible! So let's all do our best to improve this community even more... I know we can do it together!

Thank you all, you are the best. :)

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30th January 2022, 02:46 AM

This is very nice! Good luck Danito!!

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blud thinks its 2014
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30th January 2022, 10:32 AM

Considering you have had past experiences with Administrator, Moderator, etc, and also have been an active player/old user on Penguin3D, I think you'd be great for the job, especially since you're bilingual. However, a slight problem I noticed is you only really wrote your backstory and history with ranks, and how great of a game P3D is, but what about how you will change the game as administrator besides making people treat each other better, what makes you a better candidate than all the others? To add onto that, I think you should specify more about and in each category, such as past activity, any former POTM wins, etc. But overall, a great short and sweet to the point application, and I think you have a decent chance at winning with your rank history.

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30th January 2022, 11:56 AM

Like i said before everyone need second chance even that i had some problems with some people (also me) i think you would be a nice admin also we need a admin who actually can speak more than 1 help the other ones! Gl

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30th January 2022, 12:07 PM

good luck mah boi

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30th January 2022, 09:48 PM

Pretty good. Gl Danito

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