14th May 2022

Edge of Night: Episode 16

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On Das, Amir and Tasha have gone off to torment Chase. This is Tasha's first time doing this kind of thing, Amir is very happen that his adopted daughter has finally decided to take an interest in his work.

Tasha: Are we going to hurt him or something?
Amir: No, not yet. There is more than one way to skin a forest boy.
Tasha (somewhat relieved): Oh ok... So what are we going to do?
Amir: Fear is a powerful too, we will start by inducing fear in him.
Tasha: How do we do that?
Amir: There are a number of ways. We can make him fear pain or death, most people fear those. Or we can use something he fears against him.
Tasha: I see. So what are we going to do?
Amir: Since we likely don't have much time to work with him right now, we will threaten him with pain and then send in a spider to keep him occupied after we leave.
Tasha: Chase isn't afraid of spiders though.
Amir: He will be once Shelob's daughter is done with him.
The two go into Cirith Ungol, but find RenJey is already there using various magics to torture Chase.
Amir: What do you think you're doing?
RenJey: Practicing magic on the new punching bag.
Amir: That is my prisoner.
RenJey: Didn't think you would mind.
Amir: Normally I wouldn't but-
A messenger from Silence's office arrives into the building.
Messenger: Amir, sir, Dr. Silence has a message for you.
Amir: Well, what is it?
Messenger: He says your wife is out of surgery. He can keep her chloroformed for you until you arrive if you'd like.
Amir: That won't be necessary. We'll be up directly.
Messenger: Yes sir.
Amir: Tasha, you coming?
Tasha has been staring at RenJey the whole time.
Tasha: Huh?
Amir: Are you coming?
Tasha: Oh. Uh. Yes... I guess?

Pic is in the Mandos Law office watching Lord Law prepare legal proceedings for Chase’s trial.

Lord Law: Do you have to do that here?
Pic: What you got a problem with my nail care?
Lord Law: As a matter of fact I do, you’re getting nail polish on my documents.
Pic: No wonder Tasha doesn’t want to date you.
Lord Law (muttering): I should have let Amir beat you up.
Pic: Uhm no. I would have won that fight.
Lord Law: Don’t make me laugh. You can’t even hurt a fly.
Pic: Oh yeah?
Lord Law: Yeah.
Pic intentionally spills nail polish on Lord Law’s documents.
Pic: Oops. Did I hurt your papers? Sorry about that. Let me clean it up for you.
Pic takes a Kleenex and smears the nail polish over the rest of the paper.
Pic: Sorry, that didn’t really work! But at least the wet stuff is gone!
Lord Law: Out!
Pic leaves, satisfied with her work.

In GNZ, they are dealing with Eonwe being emotional due to some cursed makeup that Manwe forced him to wear. He has started to have a strange infatuation after looking at an old picture of a certain Dark Lord.

Eonwe: I can see why you liked him Little, hes is a good looking man.
Little: That he is.
Eonwe: Why did you leave him?
Little: Because looks aren't everything.
Eonwe: I would never have left him! That was so cruel of you to break his heart like that.
Little: He tried to kill me!
Eonwe: No, thats a lie and you know it. I must go to him and comfort him.
Eonwe gets up to leave, Little stops him.
Little: No, you're not.
Eonwe: Can't you tell the poor man is in pain?
Eonwe shoves the picture in Little's face. Little smiles softly.
Little: He's smiling in this one. He was so handsome and romantic...
Eonwe: Then lets go to Arda, you can get back together with him.
Little: Ok, that sounds good! Wait... no it doesn't. Eonwe, we HAVE to stay here.
Eonwe (sniffling): I remember when Ilmare rejected me. I was heart broken... She didn't care though...
Little: I'm so sorry.
Eonwe: Women are bad! Down with women!
Little: You don't mean that.
Eonwe: Yes I do. Where's Manwe, maybe he will leave Varda for me.
Manwe walks in with Varda. Its kind of an awkward moment.
Manwe: No Eonwe, I'm not leaving my wife for you.
Varda: I think we've found a counter to this curse.
Little (relieved): Oh thank god.

Somewhere on Arda, Pythas is looking to find Tasha or her parents. The only problem is that he has no idea where to look. He asks himself 'if I were Tasha, where would I be?' So first he stopped off at a nail salon. He didn't see her there but decided to stop in. Besides, maybe he'd hear rumor of her while he was in there.

Rouge: What can I do for you today, sir? Another gift card for your wife? Did you have another affair?
Pythas: No, no. I'm looking for someone.
Rouge: Who are you looking for?
Pythas: A small vulture girl.
Rouge: Can you be a little more specific? There are a number of female vultures who stop by here to get their talons sharpened and painted.
Pythas: This one is most likely in the form of a human.
Rouge: Again... There are also a lot of human girls who come here too, be more specific.
Pythas: This one is named Tasha. She's the daughter of Amir and Loki.
Rouge: Wow, she's a popular lady today. Miro came in asking about her earlier.
Pythas: That goblin? She had better not be dating him!
Pythas is so angry he pulls out the great knife.
Rouge: I don't believe she is.
Pythas: I would forbid her from speaking with goblins if she were my child. Amir and Loki are obviously terrible parents.
Pythas strikes down a nail polish display with his knife.
Rouge (nervously): Yes... obviously...
Pythas leaves. Rouge is relieved.

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Great series so far :D

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the ending was good

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Lark wrote on 14th May 2022, 01:12 AM:
Great series so far
U said u didnt like it in discord

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turquito10 wrote on 14th May 2022, 01:18 AM:
Lark wrote on 14th May 2022, 01:12 AM:
Great series so far
U said u didnt like it in discord
Ong bro thats cap

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