2nd June 2022

P3D Combat System, improvements

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2nd June 2022, 05:31 PM

After the recent invasion on Das being such a frustrating sludge fest with how broken the combat is on P3D and my patience running dry, I feel like addressing how rudimentary and unpolished the game's combat is and how it could be improved in a future update(s). I'll list down three bullet points that I find are problems with it:

1. The movement controls for combat are way too clunky especially when you're chaining together moves such as running, jumping, or flying. This could be fixed by making the player characters move more snappily in-game and better response time for moves to be executed. It's also a much more apparent issue when you're trying to get outta the water and fly with the jet pack, you have to take a long time to even manage to fly up with it to trek ground.

I think a great way to see how the movement should be done is to look at the first LeoRPG: the gameplay, while chaotic, was so fluid and fun because it was tailored to accommodate the wave spam of enemies for each of the game modes, even if the characters did move like they were on ice sometimes. This was improved on in LeoRPG 2 as well which improved on the sluggish controls and made it even snappier.

This is also helped by the fact that LeoRPG's combat borrows a lot from Uncharted which was frankly a very smart move on Damen given how smooth that game's combat is. I think going back to that system and fine-tuning it for P3D might be the solution to fix the clunkiness and ensure smoother movements. It could even beat LeoRPG's combat by implementing a proper melee fighting system!

2. There's no lock-on feature for engaging somebody in combat, you're just forced to swing around madly... This is centered towards melee combat mostly, but it also applies to gun combat with how slow and clunky sensitivity is for aiming with a blaster. Seriously, the solution for this would be to literally add one so combat's more fluid in-game, especially with a 3D engine. It doesn't have to be overly complex, just add one that works and doesn't mess with the core gameplay. A great idea is to take from TPS shooters and sword fighting games that tend to have such systems involved for easier play.

3. The balance is just very off and there's no incentive to actually improve upon it, instead just buffing everybody so unreasonably high that it ruins combat fights ingame. I get that there are lore reasons for some beings to be powerful and other reasons where it's there as rewards for ardeous grinding and all, but there's no stop to how powerful one can make themselves and it becomes a measuring contest on who's the most insufferable prick that takes this too seriously. The point of the combat should be to have fun, it shouldn't be an unfair riding contest where you get access to the strongest and buffest tools in the game because you've got connections with staff and create members (I'm looking at CZ specifically, both evil and good).

This frustrations on the system and community more than the combat because it contributes to a lot of the balancing issues everybody complains about and experiencing it isn't really fun. It also contributes to a very toxic attitude for ugly people who find pleasure in ruining others' fun and taking themselves too seriously. It also discourages people from interacting with crafting new weapons and armor, because the ones in the store won't even match up to the health and strength people have. It sucks that we have to resort to this; disregarding the current system to end up with something OP and broken that contributes to the aforementioned toxicity.

Do consider these for a future update, they would be great quality of life improvements to combat.

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2nd June 2022, 05:35 PM

Militaries need nerfed too, when it's a normal user, or even a user with powers, it's basically impossible to kill a military agent, when they can just one-shot you with a sniper or blow you up with a random bomb.

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