16th June 2022

CZ: June 5-14, 2022

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I don't have all the details for this news report since I was vanquished and decided to take a break from reporting on cz for a bit. So here it is in brief.

June 5
Nook comes and goes to Beleriand. There he rebirths Rouge into Fiona. Raven appears and helps me to annoy Nook. She encourages him to do evil by killing Rouge's account. Eventually Raven attacks Nook and he flees for Achto. Once on Achto, he orders all his followers to kill Raven. Loki defends Raven, killing Nook and Wilf. Some time later Loki is vanquished by Nameless for cursing his name when she was banished from Achto despite apologizing for killing Nook.

June 7
Aule comes and trains a couple people to be stones, hes surprised when Lokoth, formerly Loki, shows up as he heard she had been vanquished. Lokoth reveals she has restored herself by using the vulture crown.
June 8
Some guy named "Stolas the Learned" appeared. He claims to have been sent by Nameless to help those who are in need. He gives a lot of odd prophecies.

June 10
Stolas returns and gives info about himself to a few people. He claims he is an ainur.

June 14
Glarthir comes and discusses about killing Ungoliant.

At some point during the week, Glarthir also spoke about making a new Jedi order called the Ardis or something like that.


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