21st June 2022

The Forest Boy, The Star Girl, and The Boy

Made by Loki in Crimezone

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21st June 2022, 03:00 PM

This is a story of three people.

Sometime ago, when the forest was younger, a forest boy had befriended the daughter of the Lady of Stars. Due to the will of Nameless One desiring to protect this girl for her parents, the girl had no recollection of who she was and did not know she was the child of Manwe and Varda. The forest boy (Glarthir) knew who she was and befriended her, but told her nothing of her past. He taught her in the ways of the forest and they spent much time together.

One day as the two were wandering through the forest, taking in all the scenery, they came across a small bird. It was a vulture chick! Little picked up the vulture chick and ran back to Glarthir with it. "Look what I found!" she said. She was very excited.

"No! Put it down! Put it back where you found it!" Glarthir said fearfully.

"But why? Its just a baby!" Little held the vulture chick close to her face.

"Because its evil and it will bite you!" Glarthir exclaimed. And sure enough, the vulture chick pecked Little. "SEE! Now put it back!"

"But its just a baby!"

"Its an EVIL baby!"

The two glared at each other for a moment, neither wishing to bend on their stance. The vulture chick was stronger than it had appeared to be, it flew out of Little's hands and flew at Glarthir, pecking him in the eye. Then it flew away.

Glarthir started crying, "OW MY EYE!"

"I'm sorry Glarthir!" Little exclaimed, apologetically. "I will get you back to your grandfather!"

So the two went on their way to where Orome was staying in the forest. Orome looked at Glarthir's eye and found there to be nothing wrong with it. "Stay away from birds," he advised his grandson. Then he took Glarthir and Little to the edge of the forest town (the forest was thriving back then and many people yet lived in Orome's kingdom). "I have found a new servant for the palace I will soon construct." Orome motioned to a little boy who was sitting crying. This boy was Warth, and he was not simply found by the forest people, but he was kidnapped by them!

Warth was then raised as a forest servant boy, though he missed his parents and his old way of life. Eventually the forest town would be destroyed in one of the many wars and Warth then lived in the wild. He took up residence in a cave and stayed there for many years until he came out and decided to join with the rest of society. Eventually he joined Aule and became a stone.

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