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Edge of Night: Episode 19

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In GNZ, Varda and Little are busy making a potion to cure Eonwe of his curse. Zes has been kicked out of the kitchen to help Manwe with Eonwe. Manwe is angry because Khamul has arrived with a gift for Little.

Manwe (angry): You did not just call me a lady, Zes.
Zes: I did. You deserved it.
Manwe: I will have my wife place you in a black hole with Khamul if you do not close your mouth.
Zes: She wouldn't do that.
Manwe: Then I would have one of my eagles place you in one for me.
Zes: Birds don't fly in space.
Khamul: Hahaha little man is right!
Eonwe (awed by Khamul): Are all Pythas servants as smart as you?
Khamul: Pythas wishes. I have big brains. Smartest Nazgul. Don't tell Amir.
Eonwe: Take me to meet Pythas?
Manwe: Shut up, all of you! No one is going to meet Pythas. You are NOT a smart nazgul. And you Zes, are a bad cook!
Zes (pretending to be insulted): Now that hurts!
Manwe: I am going to see if my wife and daughter are about done making that potion. You stay here. As much as it pains me to say it, Zes, you are in charge. Got it?
Zes (salutes Manwe): Got it sir! I won't let you down!
Manwe rolls his eyes and leaves.
Zes: Eonwe, want to go to Arda?
Eonwe: Is Pythas there?
Zes: Of course!
Eonwe: Take me to meet him!
Zes: Lets go then. Are you coming Khamul?
Khamul: No, I wait here for Little. I bring her present.

Varda is teaching Little how to make the counter curse potion for Eonwe. Its a very beautiful bonding moment between the mother and her daughter. They work in silence and soon the potion is ready. Little is impressed with how quickly her mother was able to make the potion as she did most of it from memory, only having to consult the curse/counter curse book a couple times.

Little: How did you remember so much of that?
Varda: Curses like this one used to happen all the time when Melkor was at his peak power. You get good at doing things like this during times of great need. I've kept up to date with counter curses in case I would ever have had to make one for you while you were on Arda.
Little: Wow mom...
Varda: I don't really need this book anymore on how to make potions. Here, you can study from it and I can help teach you more about it in your free time.
Varda gives Little the book. A couple tears leak from Little's eyes.
Little: Thank you mom.
The two exchange a hug. Manwe bursts into the room.
Manwe: Oh good, you two are done. Zes and Khamul have driven me out of my mind!
Little: Khamul is here!?
Little and Varda leave the room with the potion in a hurry.

On Das, Loki is growing board of being stuck in the Baraddur infirmary. She is also rather annoyed with Silence.

Silence: Here are all the medicines you have to take.
Silence places a small jar of different colored pills on the table.
Loki: That looks like a rather unnecessary amount.
Silence: They are all very necessary.
Loki: Its too many! What do they even all do?
Silence: They do what they are supposed to do and nothing more or less. Now take them.
Loki: Like what is this big blue one even?
Loki takes a blue pill out of the jar and throws it at Silence.
Silence: Stop wasting medication.
Loki: Tell me what they are and maybe I won't throw them at you!
Loki pulls another one out of the jar.
Loki: This is a tictac.
Loki throws it at Silence.
Silence: Amir, make your wife stop. She is unreasonable!
Amir: Stop throwing pills at the doctor or I'll let him chloroform you again.
Loki: I don't even need to be here! I feel fine!
Silence: You feel fine because of the medicine I gave you.
Loki: How long to I have to be here for?
Silence: A couple days.
Loki: This is ridiculous, I'm a maia. I could have died and formed a new body faster than this.
Silence: I guess you should have thought of that earlier.
Amir: I'm going to go for a walk.
Amir leaves the room, leaving Silence and Loki to argue with each other. He sees Tasha on her way in.
Amir: Don't go in there.
Tasha: Is mom arguing with the doctor again?
Amir: Mhm.
Tasha: Typical.

Meanwhile, Lord Law is taking Pic to see a psychologist so that she can visit Loki. Pic is not happy about this. The Baraddur psychologist is a former member of the LEGION known as Romain.

Lord Law: Romain, I have a new patient for you. Silence wants her to be checked out before she can visit one of his patients.
Romain: I see. What is the mentally incapable person's name?
Pic: Excuse me, I am not mentally incapable!
Lord Law: Her name is Pickleslover.
Pic: I go by Pic!
Lord Law elbows Pic, trying to signal her that she should be quiet right now.
Romain: She appears to be in denial of her illness.
Pic: I am not in denial!
Romain: I will be the judge of that. Come into my office, Pickleslover.

Miro is on Das, looking for Tasha. While he's searching, he sees Pythas, who also happens to be looking for Tasha. Miro knows he must slow Pythas down. He knows it is risky, but he approaches Pythas and bows to him.

Miro: Hello my lord.
Pythas: Goblin god.
Miro: Can I help you with something?
Pythas: Perhaps you can... Have you seen a vulture girl around here?
Miro: There are several vulture girls in this land, I hope you're not searching for the one who is my future wife!
Pythas: Which one would that be?
Miro: Which one are you looking for?
Pythas: Answer me goblin!
Miro: Tasha of course!
Pythas: That's the one I'm looking for. I forbid you from seeing her!
Miro: You can't! You're not her dad!
Pythas: That's what you think. Now where is she?
Miro: She told me she would wait for me in the Forest of Lucre.
Pythas: If you are lying to me goblin, I will chain you by your wrists to the wall of Cirith Ungol until you die a slow and painful death at the hands of the nazgul and your feet will not be able to touch the floor.
Miro: Yes sir!

Pythas takes off for the Forest of Lucre, Miro heads off towards Baraddur.

Back in the South, Bakeitor and Dice are doing some detective work, trying to figure out who hired Ayancito to kill Dice. They’re discussing the case and a homeless man overhears them.

Homeless Man: I think I know who hired Ayancito...
Dice and Bakeitor jump, surprised that someone was nearby. The homeless man steps out of the shadows, it’s Flame!
Flame: I will give you information for a price.
Dice: Pay the man, Bakeitor!
Bakeitor: No, this man is a grifter. He knows nothing.
Flame: I wouldn’t be too sure about that.
Bakeitor: Well you’re homeless aren’t you?
Flame: Am I? I didn’t notice. SWEATS
Dice: Did you just say sweats?
Flame: SWEATS Uh did I?
Bakeitor: Not only is he homeless but he’s also insane!
Dice: Flame, come with me to my apartment. I will give you a good home in exchange for info.

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