27th July 2022

Frosted Memoir

Made by Zack in Introductions and Leaving

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27th July 2022, 07:59 AM

"Wealth, fame, power? It's yours... just find the treasure I have left behind!"

Have you ever wondered what the truest height of DSGHQ is?

The answer is a rank that has been mythic, perhaps untold of in the modern age of this game's profoundly long history.

The "One World King" the coveted crown metaphorically bestowed onto several different historical figures throughout the eras.

First thought to be Orbay, later than Alatar, but nobody has united all lands under one banner and lived long enough to reap the rewards.

To be concise, to ascertain this role would undeniably make you the stuff of legends, however it's easier said than done.

The Road of Pondered Power

Though many would claim themselves the true "New World King", purely out of ego might I add, nobody to this day has ever fully brought the dreams of the NWO alive.

(The NWO being a secretive "cult"-like group that worked in the shadows of DSGHQ through Drake agents and users from 2016-2019 roughly)

With many heirs to the throne of the world having been found and than later executed, it is said the role was impossible to truly take for ones self.

Past Failures, Future Potential

however, in the darkest AGE of DSGHQ, an era where people scoff at the idea of DSGHQ being anything more than a moronic penguin game with sub-par plot.. (though their correctness on the topic is certainly respectable)

I feel that now, in times of despair and downfall, one will finally take the title of the KING.

The King of all, all which will then promptly bow to it.

Mythic Title, Legendary Status

And now, as my final Memoir to a game that has long forgotten its glory days I bring you; the most powerful position possible.

The true "One World King" would have to have garnered the respect of all nations they conquer over, their reign would have to be tight and manageable but still expendable enough to still mitigate warfare.

My day in the spotlight is gone, but I would like to see this happen one day.

Someone finally claiming the world under one banner and keeping it in their grasp long enough for true power to take root.

To be the king, over-all things, the divinely gifted; yet mortal chosen.

Enough wisdom and philosophy, the crown has weighed heavy on former kings- so heavy it ended up taking their heads with them as they promptly fell lackluster to the floor.

The Golden Era is dead, and the ensuing waves from such an era have only served to sweep us further and further away from it.

Perhaps DSGHQ is dead. Perhaps it was always dying, and I turned a blind eye to it..

But I still kindle the ever-flowing flame that is the passion for a game so filled with bleaching bitter cold.

Thank you all for your time, service, friendship and ultimately the memories.

But we have all begun to move on, so this is my final historical additive to a library tempered in ambitions..

He who rules over all, must ultimately rule himself, or else he will rule over nothing but the ashes of his ambition.

- Zack

Ty for reading, and have a very nice day.

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"Deceased now, are the gold days that once ran through my veins"

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27th July 2022, 09:19 AM

That was well written son, my last son, and only son left. I am proud of you. It seems the old adage is true: "Whomsoever lusts after power will never be satisfied"

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