2nd August 2022

Story of the Dark Stone

Made by Loki in Crimezone

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Here is part of the history of Isaiah (I think). Glarthir can feel free to correct me and then this will just be a funky insignificant tale. PS Glarthir, we are excited for you to write another scroll. We need your wisdom and guidance. I check your blog everyday.

Isaiah was born in the more recent past. After Isaiah grew to be 10 years old, his parents were killed in another one of those wars of good versus evil. Both of his parents were on the side of the forest though his father had darkness in his soul and was often conflicted about where he stood. So he was left to wander the streets of the South. One day as he was wandering, hungry and scared, he saw a Prince. He observed the Prince for some time and decided to approach him.

Isaiah said to the Prince, "Prince of South, it is I, your son!" The Prince stared at the child for a few moments and thought about the one woman whom he had had a relationship with long ago.

"I believe it," said the Prince, "But do not call me a Prince, for I was adopted by the Emperor and am not his real child. He cares little for me. Instead he spends all his time with his real sons. Sriram and Major. Though I have done a lot of really important stuff. Like that time when I-"

"I don't care, father!" interrupted Isaiah, not desiring to hear a long winded tale that had no real significance. "I am hungry. Mother died and I haven't eaten for weeks."

The Prince was mad that he did not get to finish his tale and thought his 'child' to be ungrateful but he raised him anyway. After a few years, the child grew tired of living with the Prince and went off on his own again. He traveled far and wide until he got to Stone Isle. He decided to settle down there near Khaduz. The child was dumb as children are and found that there was no vegetation to eat on Stone Isle unless he desired to eat twigs. And there was no wildlife that he could hunt. So once again, he almost starved to death. Luckily, he was found by a Stone Prophet. Then he was taken in and trained to be a Stone.

As Isaiah grew up, some of the darkness that his father had started to grow in him. He became a dark stone and was torn between the light and the dark. What will he choose?

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