2nd August 2022

CZ: July 21-August 1, 2022

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July 21, 2022

Amir came. He spoke with Shadow in the Baraddur Gallery. It didn't end well as Ungoliant appeared and Shadow fled and got angry. After this, Amir spoke with Eiven in Arda Temple about forming an alliance between his grey order and the Ardis. The two agreed on the alliance. Amir even gave Eiven a silmaril that he said he got from Shadow. He also said that Shadow had left Arda. The silmaril turned out to be a fake. Ungoliant made a brief appearance during this but did not attack anyone. A treaty was also made between Amir's grey order and the forest where the two sides will help each other at need.

Then Shadow reappeared and attempted to vanquish Amir because Shadow is lame like that. Amir went to Gorgoroth and even Ungoliant waited there to see if Shadow would come. Quorra said something though, causing Ungoliant to curse her and leave. Then Shadow returned and made another attempt on Amir's life. Amir was killed by Radaghast though, sparing him from vanquishment.

After this, Glarthir came and everyone went to Achto. Glarthir had planted a tree on Achto and placed a chair near it. He said that the tree was symbolic and if it dies, it means the Shaman (Rouge) will also die. Several attempts were made on the tree's life but it did not die. Glarthir also said that he was going to write another scroll which would contain information about the tree. He also promised that he would write about more vulture history.

Nameless also visited briefly but was only seen by Gamer, Quorra, and Eiven. He gave Gamer permission to go on his quest to learn about the dark side of the force but warned him about the knowledge that he might receive. He also said that if Gamer were to turn evil, Pythas may return as a redeemed force ghost and be disappointed to see what has become of his son but would be unable to help him.

At some point during all of these events, Shadow was officially revealed to be Flame.

July 23, 2022
An odd thing occured in Vinyamar when Loki was sitting around with Teigan and Arona and her vulture crown suddenly turned white. It stayed white for awhile before returning back to its normal color.

July 25, 2022
Nook asked Nameless One to bless Miro for three days so he could try to vanquish Shadow/Flame. Nameless would only empower Miro if three people blessed him. Miro got three people to bless him and so he was thus empowered and his hair and goblin crown turned white. Apparently Nameless agrees that Shadow is getting out of hand. After awhile, Shadow showed up and Miro and Flame fought. The fight resulted in Flame running away after vanquishing Nook's alt.

Loki also asked Nook about the sign she had received while she was in Vinyamar. Nook said it meant one of two things, either she would become a dove or would soon be a widow.

July 27, 2022
AssassinOfDoom (SpyOfDoom) came to assassinate Eiven but couldn't bring himself to do it as Eiven is his father. He even started talking about turning good but was scared and said that it is impossible to escape from the darkness. This angered Doom, who then ordered Loki to kill the assassin and so the assassin was thus assassinated. AssassinOfDoom went to the void, Eiven met him there. While in the void the two had a nice father son talk which resulted in AssassinOfDoom becoming a member of the forest.

August 1, 2022
Glarthir came and watered to tree on Achto and it grew! He also said that Loki's father was working with Azeb on Aman. Apparently Azeb has told her father that all of his children are "crispy chicken" because of Ancalagon. Loki was displeased by this news. Ayancito came and Glarthir said to Loki "stay here, I'll protect you" and so he went to fight Ayancito. The fight resulted in Glarthir's death.

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