3rd August 2022

Edge of Night: Episode 22

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3rd August 2022, 02:51 PM

At the jail, Foxel has changed his plan of poisoning Zen and is having Danito do the dirty work once again. Since they don't know who Zen's prison friends are, they pick a random prisoner and place her in Zen's cell.

Danito: You have a visitor.
Zen: A visitor?
Danito: One of your fellow inmates wants to see you and talk about whatever girls talk about.
Zen: Uh...
Danito opens the door to the cell and forces Arona to enter into the cell. Danito watches for a moment to make sure everything is going to be alright and then walks away.
Arona: Hi Zen. How are you doing?
Zen (awkwardly): Pretty good... Since when have you ever wanted to hang out with me?
Arona: The other prisoners in here are just so boring. I wanted to change things up and hang out with you.
Zen: I see.
Arona: Want to see what cool item I made during pottery class?
Zen: I guess.
Arona: Check this out.
Arona deconstructs her shoe and pulls out a very well made and sharp dagger. She allows Zen to look at it.
Zen: Wow thats very impressive-
And then Arona stabs her with it and grabs the poisoned gummy worms. She uses a key she made during pottery class to unlock the cell and quickly leaves. Leaving Zen bleeding on the floor.

On Das, Silence has returned to give Loki her meds.

Silence: Are you actually going to take them this time?
Loki: Yes. As long as they-
Amir elbows Loki.
Loki: Yes... And I promise I won't throw them at you.
Silence: Good. Now apologize to me if you want them.
Loki: I'm sorry.
Silence: Sorry for?
Loki: Calling you a bad doctor.
Silence: And?
Loki: Throwing pills at you.
Silence: Good! Now put it all together in one sentence!
Loki (pained): I'm sorry for calling you a bad doctor and throwing pills at you.
Silence: See that wasn't so hard now was it? Now say I'm a good doctor.
Loki: Amir, do I have to?
Amir: Yes, my sour grapefruit. He did save your life you know.
Loki: How is it saving my life when I could have just manifested a new body?
Amir: Just say it.
Loki: You're a good doctor. Now can you please give me my meds? I'm in agony here.
Silence: Good job! I'm proud of you. Most vultures would just refuse to apologize. But then again most vultures go see the veterinarian.
Silence gives Loki the medicine and then leaves.
Loki (muttering): This vulture is going to peck your eyes out when she gets out of here.

Pic has just gotten out of her session with the Baraddur psychiatrist and is displeased with the results as the psychiatrist has forbidden her from visiting Loki while she is in the infirmary. She is ranting about it to Lord Law who is mildly amused by the situation.

Pic: Romain says I have issues. ME. Can you believe it? Has he ever met Loki? She has actual issues.
Lord Law: He has met Loki before.
Pic: Good! What was she in for?
Lord Law: Nothing. They met a long time ago at one of the draconian rituals.
Pic: Is there any way we can get Loki committed?
Lord Law: There's nothing wrong with her.
Pic: Uhh, what about the fact that shes so unstable that she makes earthquakes look mellow?
Lord Law (chuckling): She's not that bad. Besides, Amir would keep her out of trouble.
Pic: Yes she is! Why doesn't anyone see that?
Lord Law: Because its not true.
Pic: How do we know? Just make a legal order where she has to be evaluated. Then you'll see I'm right!
Lord Law: Pic, this is exactly why Romain labeled you as crazy. You're delusional.

Tasha comes running up.

Tasha (out of breath): Pic! Lord Law!
Lord Law: What is it?
Tasha (out of breath): Pythas... hes after me! He wants to replace... my parents.
Pic: Good riddance! Anything is better then Loki and Amir. They make me want to puke!
Tasha: No, this is bad. I have to tell them!
Lord Law: That's the first place he'll look. Tasha, go hide in the Mandos Law Firm. I'll inform Amir and Loki of whats going on.
Tasha: Ok, thank you so much. Be careful.
Tasha quickly kisses Lord Law on the cheek before running off.
Pic: I'll go with you Lord Law.
Lord Law: No. I don't have time to waste by listening to you argue with Silence. Go with Tasha.

Meanwhile, everyone in GNZ has left the galaxy as they chase Zes and Eonwe to Arda. Finally, Zes and Eonwe crash land in Das.

Zes: Here we are, Eonwe, the land of the free and home of the Uruks.
Eonwe: And the home of Pythas, the hottest dark lord since the fall of Melkor.
Zes: Erm. Yes, Pythas too.
Eonwe: Is that the tower of Baraddur?
Zes: Yeah but I think we should stay away from there.
Eonwe: But thats were Pythas lives! I must go there and bow hence.
Zes: We will get there eventually but first you need to freshen up. Come, lets go to the airport and we'll go to the South and you can do some shopping there before meeting Pythas. And then I can just stay in the South and you can do whatever you want.
Eonwe: You must come with me to meet the Dark Lord. He must know who has brought me here. I'm sure he will reward you for it.
Zes: No, we can't do that. Now come with me.
Eonwe: But I want to meet Pythas.
Zes: Just trust me. You're not dressed well enough to meet him.
Eonwe: Fine, but I'm not leaving Das. We'll do our shopping here. There are two cities on this land, one of them must have decent shopping.
Zes (rolling his eyes): Yes because the deserted tent kingdom has great shopping and the Black City is just full of everything a girl could want.
Eonwe: I didn't know you were a girl.

Manwe and crew are not far behind but have no idea where Zes has landed.

Manwe: Where are they? Where could they be?
Varda: Its okay Manly, we will find them.
Manwe: We have to find Eonwe before he gets corrupted! Hes... hes like a son to me.
Varda: You are his master and he is cursed, he will not become so corrupted that you cannot turn him back.
Manwe: I bet the Easterling knows where Zes and Manwe are...
Manwe looks at Khamul and sees him smooching Little. He gets mad.
Manwe: Khamul, come up here you morgul rat.
Khamul: Excuse me daughter of star. What you want gas master?
Manwe: Where are Eonwe and Zes?
Khamul: I no know. Look in Black City?
Manwe: Ah yes, Black City, I had forgotten about that place... But I can't bring my daughter there. First, we will go to Achto where Glarthir can watch over her.

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