13th September 2022

CZ: September 12 & 13, 2022

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13th September 2022, 11:56 PM

September 12, 2022

Glarthir came and spoke about the sith holocron. Apparently it will be brought to Arda and The Son will come along with it and many people will die to him. Glarthir also sensed that T10 is depressed and he said that The Daughter would cure his depression if he married her as love can remodel a person. T10's name if he married The Daughter would be Taz as it is short for Staz. Then Glarthir said Spike would take Black City.

Glarthir asked T10 to train him but T10 refused to train him at this time. Glarthir asked if T10 was going to fight Ungoliant alone and then said that he knows Ungoliant's weakness. Apparently Ungoliant's weakness is light. He even pulled out his mithril saber and said that all mithril was changed once by a flash of the trees of Valinor.

Eventually, Glarthir went into a corner of Arda Temple to write a scroll. People gathered around to watch and eventually he left when he timed out.

September 13, 2022
Much occurred.

First, Mandos came to the Temple of the Ancients on Malcoth. He was looking for the sith holocron. The people present said that Miro was in possession of it. Miro denied this and said that Gamer had it. Mandos tried to fight Miro for it then decided that he, Miro, and Gamer should all fight for it and the winner would take the holocron. Then Ungoliant appeared and killed Gamer. She announced that she had the holocron and then she used it to buff herself. At this point, Mandos bowed to Ungoliant and surrendered to her.

Mandos and friends were all disturbed by the death of Gamer and so Mandos brought him back from the void. Then Mandos, Gamer, and T10 all fought with Ungoliant. Miro came into the battle and killed Mandos! Eventually Ungoliant was killed by T10 as he used the ainur nova flames! Ungoliant was angry that she was killed and that she had lost the holocron to T10. She said that T10 did not deserve the nova flames and that she would return to kill him when he least expects it.

Gamer then asked T10 to return the holocron to him as he wasn't done using it. T10 was hesitant about returning it. But then The Son came! The Son killed T10 with his powers and gave the holocron to Gamer and said that he was his chosen one. Somehow The Son died (I wasn't there so I don't know how this went down).

Everyone was transported back to Arda and then the timelines started getting weird. There were two of some people like Gamer and Glarthir. Even Uade was alive again, though she would end up dying. Eventually The Son possessed Gamer's body and fought with Quorra as he recognized her as The Daughter. Eventually The Father intervened and sent The Son home.

The sith holocron was given to B8 and the timelines went back to normal. B8 took the holocron back to his home galaxy.

A Shadow Guard Commander also appeared on AchTo at some point. Before leaving, he said that he would write a dark scroll and leave it for Gamer to find. Then he left.

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14th September 2022, 05:05 AM

The Wanderer killed The Son because 'The Son' wanted him to use the holocron to show his power by killing his body

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