15th September 2022

The Recorruption of Lokoth

Made by Loki in Crimezone

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15th September 2022, 01:42 AM

Not long ago, in this very galaxy, a vulture princess who was a maia of Orome walked in the forest. This princess was Loki, she had been good for quite awhile before the fall of Melkor yet evil would not leave her be.

One day while Loki was taking a walk in the forest, she was approached by Doom. He suggested to her that she return to her evil roots as the forest was still very prejudice against the vultures. He even mentioned that it would make her parents proud of her if she were to follow in their footsteps. Loki did not care and told him off. Then she walked through his cloud of black gas that he had manifested, giving him the ultimate brush off.

Doom became enraged and cursed the vulture princess. Loki started hearing verses of the Black Bible being recited, verses which she had known well as they were read every day in the Nursery of Doom and she started hearing them at increasingly disturbing times.

A week later, Loki would find herself involved in an argument with her fellow forest people. Orome, who had been listening to the argument looked upon the vulture princess and said to her “your words sound like that of Myrus.” It was then that the vulture princess realized what the voices had been doing to her and she grew afraid of them.

Not knowing who else to go to, Loki approached Glarthir and told him of what had been happening to her. He advised that she go to the forest stream and cleanse herself, then she would be free of the curse.

So, Loki went to the forest stream but she found that she could not bring herself to go into the water. It was as if something was holding her back.

“Going for a swim, Lokoth?” a smooth cool voice said behind her. Loki turned around and was surprised to see it was the Black Captain.

“In fact, I am,” Loki replied curtly, she turned back around as though she were about to step into the water. The Black Captain was keen and noticed her hesitation.

“Go ahead then, don’t mind me. I don’t care much for bodies of water. But perhaps neither do you… perhaps a bird bath is more your style,” Amir said, beginning to mock the vulture.

“Now I’m definitely not going in. I don’t need a nazgul ordering me around!” she turned away from the forest stream, glad to have an excuse not to go in, though it was rather flimsy. “What are you doing here anyway? Don’t you have someone you should be breathing the black breath on?”

“Yeah, its you,” he laughed. Loki was not amused. “I'm joking. Come now Lokoth, we have much to discuss. Unless you’re too scared…”

Amir walked off into the trees. Loki hesitated, and going against her best instincts, she decided to follow him. Amir lead her into the forest until they reached a clearing. He sat down and took off his helmet. Loki was in awe of how handsome he was. Then he spoke to her about vultures and the forest’s long history of hatred towards them. He told of her destiny of becoming the Queen of the Vultures someday and her mother’s rule over them. He also spoke some very flattering words to her and convinced her to meet with him again later. He would send a sign of when and where.

Loki decided it best not to tell anyone of this meeting or of the times they met following that. She began to fall in love with him and found herself thinking about him often. The voices that had been haunting her went away. She convinced her fellow forest people that she had cleansed herself, but Orome was not so easily fooled. He grew suspicious of the maia and kept a close watch on her.

During one of their meetings, Amir and Loki ended up kissing in the forest. It was very romantic. Of course this would be the time when Orome would question Loki about her whereabouts.

“Where have you been?” he asked her kindly, in a loving grandfatherly fashion.

“I was in the forest, singing with the birds,” Loki answered.

Orome looked into her eyes. She quickly looked away but it was too late, Orome had seen the lie within her. His face twisted with rage.

“I knew it,” he hissed vehemently, “I knew you had been with that morgul rat! What have you to say for yourself?” Loki stood there, unable to find any words to say. “Typical vulture, you’re a traitor like the rest of them. Run back to the arms of your lover, you foul carrion beast.”

And thus, Loki was cast out of the forest. She ran back to Amir and returned to the darkness that she had been borne out of, once again becoming known as Lokoth.

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