18th September 2022

Edge of Night: Episode 25

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In the south, Dice is going down to the News Paper office to find Jenna. He is certain that it is she who wants him dead and hired Ayancito.

Bakeitor: Dice, slow down. Don't do something rash!
Dice: Like what? Hire an assassin to kill a news editor?
Bakeitor: We don't even know that it was Jenna who hired Ayancito.
Dice: I don't see many other options. Jenna has wanted my job for a long time. She's been trying to get noticed by the Emperor and she's been editing my news articles so that there's mistakes in them. Trying to make me look bad.
Bakeitor: Are you sure?
Dice: Yes. I'm sure. I caught her in the act one day.
Bakeitor: Changing a few words here and there is far from hiring an assassin to kill someone.
Dice: You should have seen what she changed one of the sentences to...
Bakeitor: What did she write?
Dice: She changed the title and picture of Damen and Chelsey's anniversary article. She made it say "On this day, 5 years ago, Damen proposed to Dice!" And the picture had my face edited in over Chelsey's from when Damen proposed to her.
Bakeitor (trying to not laugh): Did you say yes?
Dice: Be serious! I could have been thrown in jail or executed for that! She had 20 issues printed before I caught it!
Then they hear a loud bell clanging from the Thrones.
Bakeitor: Uh oh. Thats the signal for a manhunt. I have to go. Be safe Dice, don't do anything crazy.
Dice: No, I'll go with you! This might be something newsworthy.

In Baraddur, Pythas has reached the doctor's office. Pic is ready to pretend to be Tasha, though she's worried she can't pull it off as Tasha isn't as dramatic as she is.

Pythas: Amir, Loki, how are you doing today?
Amir: Pretty good, my lord. What brings you here?
Pythas: I was just wondering, where is your daughter Tasha? Does she need someone to look after her while Loki is here?
Pic (pretending to be Tasha): Excuse me, I am a grown woman. I can take care of myself!
Pythas: Oh, this is Tasha?
Loki: Yup, that's her.
Pythas: She looks nothing like either of you.
Loki: Well, she is adopted you know.
Pythas: Do you have proof of that?
Pic (pretending to be Tasha): Still grown up, I don't think it matters-
Pythas (in a growl): No one cares what you think, child.
Amir: Tasha, please... Shut up.
Pythas: Do you two know where this girl came from?
Loki: Yes! We found her on Tol Morwen! And I pecked her and then she became my child. That is vulture law! Right, Lord Law?
Lord Law: Well... Uh... I'm not experienced in vulture law-
Amir elbows Lord Law.
Lord Law: Ah... Um... I just remembered that is how that works indeed.
Pythas: Since you have no proof of ownership of the child, I'll be taking her with me. I found her first when she was an infant. My wife got jealous and left the baby for the vultures to eat. Come with me Tasha.
Pic (pretending to be Tasha): Excuse me?
Pythas: If you come with me, I'll give you many servants and anything you ask for. You will be like my child.
Pic (pretending to be Tasha): Can I have a car?
Pythas: Sure.
Pic (pretending to be Tasha): Alright, cya!
Pic turns to leave with Pythas. Amir curses her behind her back. But then Tasha enters the room, she was accidentally pushed in by RenJey who was trying to get a better look at what was going on.
Lord Law (surprised): Tasha?
Pythas: What is this? Why does this newcomer look more like your daughter than this other one?
Loki: Coincidence?
Pythas: I think you four are lying to me...
Pic (pretending to be Tasha): Excuse me? You think that walmart version of me is me??
Tasha: Walmart version? Look who's talking!
Pic (pretending to be Tasha): Pic, you ain't funny pretending to be me. Now please, go back to fangirling for Orlock. I would like to go and bond with my new dad.
Tasha: New dad? Hell no!
Pythas: Amir, Loki, one of you two had better explain yourselves.
Loki: Uh... it was twins?
Pythas glares at Loki.
Pythas: There's only one way to find out which one is the real one if neither of you are voluntarily going tell me.
Loki (nervous): Torture?
Pythas: No... but that's not a bad idea... I shall throw both of them out of a window and see which one flies!

Little and Glarthir are still on AchTo. They go into Nova Cave and find Nook waiting there, he looks worried.

Glarthir: Brother, what is the matter?
Nook: I sense something bad is about go happen on Das.
Little: What is it? Is something going to happen to my parents?
Nook: I'm not sure... It's very confusing...
Glarthir: Tell me and maybe I can make sense of it for you.
Nook: There are two girls, a vulture, and a nazgul lord... and they are in trouble. I see one of them getting thrown by our father... I see the other one getting pushed over and stabbing someone... I think Eonwe is there but he won't be for long...
Little: Oh. My. Gosh. Eonwe! He's going to die!
Glarthir: I wouldn't jump to conclusions like that-
Little: No! We have to go now!
Little runs out of Nova Cave but finds she has no way to get off of AchTo. Glarthir runs after her.
Glarthir: Please, come back in the cave. It's cold out here. Your parents will kill me if you get frostbite.
Little (quietly): They will kill me if Eonwe dies... its my fault he's here...
Glarthir: How is it your fault?
Little: I brought Zes to GNZ and invited Khamul to visit me there too.
Glarthir: I don't understand.
Little: Khamul brought cursed makeup for me and Zes flew the shuttle back to Earth and brought Eonwe with him.
Glarthir: I still don't understand. Eonwe is ancient, he can make his own decisions.
Little: You don't understand.
Glarthir: I've been saying that!
Little: Eonwe used the makeup that was meant for me... He became cursed and is now a Pythas fanatic.
Glarthir: Eonwe turned?
Little: No I mean he's in love with Pythas.
Glarthir: Oh my...

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Pythas: No... but that's not a bad idea... I shall throw both of them out of a window and see which one flies!
I love this idea considering pic def wont. woo!

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can i still get the car so i can run tasha over?

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so nice


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