6th November 2022

November 5th: Warth's Coronation

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6th November 2022, 12:48 AM

Coronation of Messiah Warth Isaiah Ronaldinho Drake

On November 3rd, 2022, Emperor Damen Drake was tragically killed during a war, in which he was confident that he would not get killed. Sadly, he fell in battle. And so thus he decided that it was time to pass on the crown. He was going to pass it on to his son, Wilf, but Wilf was not interested and decided it should be passed along to his son, commonly known of as Warth.

On November 5th, Messiah Warth Isaiah Ronaldinho Drake was coronated. Everyone was invited to attend the royal event at thrones. First, wisdom was given by Wizlock Zaron. He said some nice words about how Warth is one of the most unexpected people to become Emperor. Afterwards, Zaron gave Warth the Toblercrown and thus crowned him Emperor Messiah Drake, first of his name.

After he was crowned, Warth sat upon his new throne and was to name an Emperor Helper. He chose Lokoth "Loki" Gkhl Angmar to serve as his Emperor Helper. She accepted the rank.

Then Warth gave his first order as Emperor. His first order was to demote all the Imperial Knights so that knighthood could be remade. He plans on appointing a Lord Commander and/or Knight Captain to choose new knights to fill the role. Along with this, Damen advised that Warth reset DRAKE Military and hire new agents for it. Warth also stated his desire to ally DRAKE Military with the militaries of ALPHA and SEPTIM. Warth also decided to retain Luna Illuvitar as Lady of the Bank.

Other images from the event:

All image credits go to Damen!

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Great report of this historic event :D The images take 10 secs to load.

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