11th November 2022

A "Challenge" I've Been "Attempting"

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11th November 2022, 04:16 PM

So you all know how Frodo and Sam walk all the way from Hobbiton to Mordor. I've thought it would be cool to see how long it takes me to go that amount of distance, though I've been doing a combination of walking and bicycling.

The full scale is 1,779 miles from Hobbiton to Mount Doom. Its sectioned out like this:
o Hobbiton to Bree = 120 miles
o Bree to Rivendell = 338 miles (458 miles total)
o Rivendell to Lothlorien = 462 miles (920 miles total)
o Lothlorien to Rauros Falls = 389 miles (1309 miles total)
o Rauros Falls to Mount Doom = 470 miles (1779 miles total)

I also found someone who scaled it down to 500 miles for people to try to complete in a two month challenge. That one is scaled like this:
o Hobbiton to Bree - 34 miles
o Bree to Rivendell - 95 miles (Hobbiton to Rivendell = 129 miles covered)
o Rivendell to Lothlórien - 130 miles (Hobbiton to Lothlórien = 259 miles covered)
o Lothlórien to Rauros Falls - 109 miles (Hobbiton to Rauros Falls = 368 miles covered)
o Rauros Falls to Mount Doom - 132 miles (Hobbiton to Mount Doom = 500 miles covered)

So far I have walked/bicycled a total of 64.3 miles since October 28th. It averages to going a little more than 5 miles a day. This will decline soon as winter is coming.
I'm between Bree and Rivendell on the 500 mile scale and I'm over halfway to Bree on the regular one. I'm going to continue keeping track throughout the rest of fall and winter but I might restart it once spring is here and see how far I can go over spring and summer.

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11th November 2022, 04:38 PM

Good luck, bring lotsa water.

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11th November 2022, 04:58 PM

thats more than 12 feet so thats got to be a lot

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11th November 2022, 07:19 PM

Lol im not doing that

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11th November 2022, 11:12 PM

consider that hobbit's step is much smaller compared to an average human

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24th November 2022, 08:42 AM

wizle wrote on 11th November 2022, 04:38 PM:
Good luck, bring lotsa water.
and Lembas

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