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CZ News: November 14-18, 2022

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November 14, 2022
Little's fiance Zaarbrand arrived on Arda. Everyone is mildly disturbed as he wears a spooky looking mask and refuses to take it off. He says that the mask is his face as his real face was burned off long ago by a "sky eagle" aka a dragon. And then Little arrives and he only has eyes for her. He starts talking real smooth to her and flirting. He reveals that he traded a vanadium mining planet in order to have her hand. Then Zaarbrand took Little to Dorval and taught her to open wormholes. Loki jumps into the wormhole and becomes trapped in GNZ.

Overall, people find Zaarbrand to be very suspicious and he seems to be familiar.

November 16th, 2022
Zaarbrand returned and freed Loki from GNZ. He mentioned to her that he was going to leave a gift for Little and that she would find it under the waterfall in the south. Little did indeed find her gift there, it was a heart shaped necklace. When Veriscolor came later, he said that it was made using sith alchemy.

Nook came later on and spoke with T10. He said that T10 is not supposed to take credit for killing Ungoliant, and instead attribute the kill to Nameless One. Nook is very proud of T10 for his work though and said he was like a king to him. He also said that Orbay would be used by The Son until there is nothing left of him and then afterwards, Spike will eat Orbay as though he were a wasp. Then Nook spoke about three prophecies:
  • Prophecy 1: He will fall in love again, this time with a girl from another world.
  • Prophecy 2: There is a statue of Morgoth in GNZ and Star Palace has been revamped to contain vanadium. There will be a fight at Little's wedding.
  • Prophecy 3: Dragons will return to Arda from another planet.
Nook offered to rebirth Sky, an evil child from an alternate timeline whom he has taken on as his apprentice, into Lara so that the forest would speak to her and she would be able to give prophecies. This did not happen as Ayancito hunted and killed her before she anything could happen.

Image credit to Zen.

Later, Veriscolor came and argued with Gamer for awhile. Through this arguing, it was revealed that Veriscolor is also from an alternate timeline. He started off saying that he is the son of Stavros and his daughter is apparently Maria. But apparently his daughter was killed by Gamer in the alternate timeline. As revenge, Veriscolor wishes to kill one of Gamer's siblings. He said that Nook would die in three days. Later on, Veriscolor claimed that his father is Ancalagon and apparently, despite being fully grown when his father died, Veriscolor was raised on Arda by Manwe.

Veriscolor also revealed that he has a weapon that can be used to kill immortals. It is a blade forged in Wild Space and dipped in the hate of thousands of generations of people.

After A LOT of talking and arguing, Vericolor decided to retire from being the Warlord of Wild Space and became Little's hand guard.

Fundanor also came and announced that he was still looking for his brother, Tangasor. He thinks he is in the Andromeda galaxy on a vulture planet.

November 18, 2022
Little's wedding day.

First, a Sandman came and said that Lorien regrets that he will not be able to attend Little's wedding as he would only bring distress to Varda if he were to be there. After delivering this message, the Sandman left.

Awhile later, Nook came and a StarProphet appeared. Nook saw the StarProphet and he was in love! The StarProphet rejected his love and said it could never work out as they are both prophets. The StarProphet went to GNZ and Nook followed her.

Then came Little's wedding. A wormhole opened on Achto and took wedding guests directly to the planet of Utilies. They chatted outside for awhile before the wedding while Little went into the Star Palace and spoke with her mother. Varda revealed to her that her and her people will become rich off of vanadium. She also warned her daughter not to ruin the relationship and humiliate her. Little became worried that Varda only arraigned the marriage only for her own benefit. Varda reassured her daughter that Zaarbrand, while being rich in vanadium, is worthy of her hand. She described Zaarbrand as being like Manwe, strong, powerful, wise, a lover of windbeasts, and a rider of skies.

After Little was properly reassured, the wedding began. It was very beautiful.

But then, Wheeler objected to the marriage at the last minute! He said that it is not a marriage of love but one only because of money! Varda ordered him to step outside and he was thus killed by a StarProphet.

After the wedding was a feast. It went by pretty well, a fight did NOT break out though Varda did choke on her wine at one point.

Once the feast concluded, Varda retired to her room and everyone was brought outside for a walk around the planet. StarProphet instructed everyone that they must leave in 10 minutes. So everyone took in the scenery and Ronaldo tried to start a fight with Zaarbrand. Zaarbrand was hurt but was healed by Aiwendil the Undying. After this, everyone returned back to Arda.

While on Arda, Zaarbrand announced that he wished to bring his "sky eagles" (dragons) to Arda. He was told off for this idea as we have already dealt with dragons once. Then Zaarbrand decided he would build a guild headquarters/embassy for Sky Eagle Tamers (or something like that) on Dorval. Ben Stray offered to help construct the embassy. Zaarbrand accepted his offer. People started becoming openly suspicious of Zaarbrand and accusing him of stuff. He grew tired of this and left before he could ruin his reputation on Arda.

Later on, Glarthir came. He said that he has quit P3D and that he might quit writing scrolls soon. Little asked him if he anything of Zaarbrand. Apparently Glarthir knows Zaarbrand's father "Maaz" but never met Zaarbrand himself. Apparently, Maaz is a good man. All Glarthir could see in Little's future was a castle on Dorval. He said that she would be rich and famous in the future.

Glarthir also became annoyed with Sky and yelled at her for wearing antlers as she appears to be evil. She cried and told him that Nook had baptized her and that she was his apprentice. Glarthir, despite still being annoyed, cleansed Sky by tapping her with his staff and made her a dune. Apparently he has no time for children.

Glarthir then became worried about his brother Nook since he had disappeared earlier chasing after the StarProphet. He turned to Aiwendil the Undying and said that the forest told him Aiwendil knows more than he does! Aiwendil then prophecised that Nook would return alive and well in seven days. He also gave Aiwendil a prophet saber!

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me when veriscolor gave me a sword and i befriended fundanor

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