16th December 2022

Why guns in P3D should do (a lot) more damage

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Nearly 3 years ago (to my knowledge), Penguin3D was gifted with a generous array of newly introduced LASER FIREARMS. With iconic mentions such as the VIS Raptor, ST-48, and plenty of other honorable mentions that I don't remember the names of. These weapons, while originally being mostly under wraps and not being held by anyone aside from the DRAKE Military, were eventually given out to other militaries. At that time, they were very underdeveloped compared to the system we are familiar with today, mainly due to a few tasteful changes made when ECLIPSE were busy showing Aule some very generous Southern Hospitality. Notably, the sniper rifle, which was changed to have a fair bit of cooldown as well as doing less damage.

Some time after Snipers were nerfed, thanks to the wonderful duality of man, "Hot Potato" Grenade Launchers were introduced. Though I don't have any real way to verify, I presume they were kuite powerful, and first only given to DRAKE soldiers, before the previously mentioned cycle repeated itself - other militaries/people gained access, warranting a nerf. Once grenades were nerfed into the ground, we were graced with the well beloved Anti-Tank Missile Launcher. This was (in my opinion) the worst addition to the game by far. Thankfully, there hasn't been a step up from the missiles, because I assume we'd just have to settle for nukes.

The Anti-Tank Missile Launcher, at least as far as I know, has been the most utilized weapon by all militaries in the game. They were so powerful initially, that if a military didn't have missiles, it was an instant loss. Grenades do next to nothing, even now, and missiles just obliterate everything insight, especially with how spammable they are, even if they happen to be expensive. Not to mention how expensive they are, the launchers and the missiles. Personally, I have gotten very little satisfaction when killing with a missile launcher, and none at all when being killed by one, albeit, that goes for dying in general in the game, for the most part.

I remember a time in OldCP when, seeing a gun was just as terrifying as seeing one in real life. To be fair, that went for most weapons, because death was always final, which, was just one detail that made OldCP as great as it was, at least in my experience. Military force was a real threat, and not just from DRAKE. The realism added to the experience, I think it goes without saying that most people don't usually live past a singular gunshot, and if they do, they had best be praying to whatever higher power they believe in that the next round misses.

Recently, during the war in Vinyamar, changes were frankly, very crudely made to missiles, particularly, in the sense that everyone with more than 10 rockets lost literally every rocket above that number. I lost a total of 273 anti-tank missiles myself, and never got the sheer amount of gold I paid for them back, which might not be so bad, if they hadn't literally just been removed from existence the moment I removed them from my chest. This ultimately changed very little, as DRAKE/ALPHA had already done plenty of damage, and continued to damage BELMONT after our forces were all reduced to nothing but guns, and DRAKE released air strikes. I fail to see the purpose of making changes to the game for "balance" only to revert said changes with something just the same and more powerful.

In an attempt to construct even one petrol station between here and the God forsaken point, explosive weaponry, despite the nerfs, is not conducive to the game's life as a whole. War strategy has been reshaped into a pissing match of just a few soldiers between singular military accounts attempting to bomb each other before being bombed themselves, which, in my opinion, is unbalanced and for the most part uninteresting. Normal firearms in the game, however, do a disappointing amount of damage, especially considering they fire high power sci-fi lasers. I am very open to alternative changes, however, I personally would find it much more interesting for the guns to do a much more significant amount of damage, and the Anti-Tank Missile Launcher should be ridded of altogether, or, at the very least, given a MUCH longer cooldown time. And airstrikes are stupid. That's all I've got to say on the matter.

Predominantly sincere regards,
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Alternatively, let's discuss regards concerning the matter of your mother.


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melee weapons were nerfed as well, especially bows
now that every military has blasters, Damen should buff regular weapons

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