8th January 2023

Trigun Stampede notes

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8th January 2023, 02:13 PM

Yesterday the first episode of "Trigun Stampede" aired. It is a reboot/retelling of the original Trigun anime/manga that started in the 90s. Trigun is one of my favourite series ever so I was very excited for this to begin, but I was trying to keep my expectations low because:

1. The new show is animated fully in 3d instead of 2d, which has the reputation of being of lesser quality than 2d animation if it's not something super high budget like a Pixar movie.
2. It seems like it is neither a full adaptation of the original manga or anime (which have different storylines due to the first anime being made while the manga was still going)
3. The main characters got stripped of their iconic designs and got new ones, as well as one of the characters being seemingly removed entirely (see later)

However, I really like this new show just from the first episode despite these points. Although I am disappointed in the changes to character design, especially Vash (sacrilege!) and the removal of the character Milly thus far, I was really happy to just see my man Vash on screen again and the animation was beautiful. The animation studio was even able to capture Vash's goofy nature in 3d. You can watch a clip of the episode in this video:

After watching the first episode, I am left with questions and thoughts about Trigun Stampede and what's to come in this new show:

1. Will Milly Thompson be in this retelling of Trigun? I am afraid that she was replaced by that middle aged man that accompanies Meryl Stryfe, and this could mean the show might lack in the humour she brought to the original story. She really might not be in this new show because she's nowhere in the advertising while Wolfwood is and he wasn't in the first episode.
2. Will anything in the manga that was left unadapted in the original anime become adapted in this new show?
3. Are they going for a more romantic relationship between Vash and Meryl in this reboot? She was kind of flirting with him. I mean, that's a win for me!
4. Will the scene with Meryl (and Milly, but she's not here) falling over upon seeing shirtless Vash be in this new show? Asking for a friend, of course.

I am very impressed with Trigun Stampede so far and I am excited for what's to come. I generally only watch old anime and this reboot is looking really great. I think this show will be airing a new episode weekly.

The original Trigun anime and manga were extremely popular in the west in the 90s and early 00s (you literally could not go to a convention without seeing at least 5 Vash cosplayers) and I hope the new show can capture a big Trigun fanbase once again. I just hope those new fans could watch/read the old stuff too, though!

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