20th January 2023

Wheelers Campaign this year

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This was the title, but it wouldn't allow me to do so with it funny title system.... for titles. Feels funny, that you can't put the actual title you actually want to put in the title in the post itself. The title seems to favour others and favours those who is misunfortnate for most and others probably. If y'all can get that fixed I'll very much appreciate it. Thank you all once again. This is just one of those things you cannot control unfortunately. Nobody cares about the title so yeah, just wanted to point it out.
Wheeler's Campaign this year, Speaks for itself.

Wheeler has been nothing but helpful, he is using his bespoke given ability of programming to program a entire game. This is because it's customer friendly. I don't personally play the jazz but I know that Wheeler 100% involved and dedicated so why can't he put him in the HELM? I mean he literally took on a lesser role in game for a bigger role outside of it but wait, why can't YOU as the users (customers) of Wheeler's product (Penguin3D) Damen may have created it but it's Wheeler who is making the actual difference
Wheeler should be permanently put in the HELM and those with the courage to ask Wheeler can stay on or something. Because he is a true hard worker, it's not even been one day and he is already pushing out updates. I think this wouldn't be a disappointing decision in my opinion. Wheeler becomes leading man, the decision he makes benefits everyone even that of the creator / owner @Damen who basically passed it on but still, if none of this happened we wouldn't know how good Wheeler is. Before people only saw Wheeler as a user but it was this chance that made us see who and how Wheeler truly is. Riot on every single thing.... "Wheeler4Supreme" Wheeler basically doing God's work on a kids game. The least I thought personally we can do is show the gratitude and support for he's hardwork. Now, everyone will say hey why can't you play the game before deciding if Wheeler should be made Supreme because this looks like it was done based off of a whimsical but trust me it wasn't. It truly wasn't. Wheeler will be a fine choice for whoever is the one leading. The only thing I can say is truly, Damen has distanced himself it seems so wouldn't it be appropriate that Wheeler becomes of the Head of the Development Division thus making him the head Developer on all DSGHQ games/services. If not a actual Leader because this bro is capable of being an leader. Truthfully, I didn't think I had to make a post about the true Leader in my dawg Wheeler but it's cool, I hope this post tells you all that Wheeler should be permanently put in at the HELM and anyone who says otherwise don't know the real him or what he did to get this far. Thank you. And I will keep pushing this with my 100% support till others see how much hard work he is putting into this game and this community. Honestly, it's not fair he is just an developer why can't he be Head of the Development Division or something? That will show me personally that yes infact you do care about Wheeler and that, he is the actual difference between Leader and Pretender. That being the Pretender is the now Leader and the Leader being, WHEELER.

Thank you all for reading this far I hope you all enjoyed reading this as I did making this post talking and highlighting points on Wheeler's much needed promotion. I know this is probably a dig on a lot of people I don't know personally but I don't care who they are or who you are at this point because Wheeler deserves the world that's how much work he is putting in and if none of you see that well good riddance. I am probably repeating the same thing at this point hear me out I truly thought this will make the difference with Wheeler being put in the HELM. As the default developer.

I will probably get banned for this post because everybody's an critic but I don't care I'm just supporting my bro @Wheeler wholeheartedly. With all my heart.
Thank you everyone for reading. I don't personally play or go on any of the games or any of the services provided by DSGHQ but I've seen the hard work, Wheeler puts in.


Speak for yourself when you don't want this happening, don't put my name in your mouth when you say you disagree with this.

Y'all 70% there, or 90% there. Well, I'm 100% there, and I'm tired of you telling me you're the same.

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You make a very good point I don’t play P3D but I’d support this.

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actually i agree with this

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