21st January 2023

To all the n00bs

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21st January 2023, 08:12 AM

How to stayextrasafeonline!?
Don't fret! Being safe should be a priority at this point. No matter who you are, or no matter where you are. You can also learn other things at the website, from how to keeping safe to keeping everyone safe not just yourself. I kept seeing friend requests from people I didn't know so I took a dive on this website and learned pretty everything there is to know about staying safe and hopefully you do too! I've made it extremely easy for you all just so you can get straight into it. All you have to do is press either extra, safe or just online?
And you should be in for a treat. I saw this when I first actually typed in "How to stay safe on Discord?" As a result of getting unwarranted friend requests that's why, I don't want you y'all to feel down bad as well like I was.
So that's why I'm passing on the knowledge I received from this incredible website. And maybe we can all talk about it in this post. If it's not bunch of a bother! Thank you once again for y'all time and appreciate every single one of y'all for reading this post. Because this happened to me, you could be the next person being sent unwarranted friend requests that's why I'm spreading as much awareness as I possibly can. Once again, thank you for your time.

Quran Surah An-Nahl, (The Bee)16:96:
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21st January 2023, 10:43 AM

Thanks for the information bro

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21st January 2023, 07:09 PM

thats nice but what do you think of osaka?

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