28th January 2023

Prepare to be Rap Warred

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28th January 2023, 09:28 AM

My fellow Americans,

I stand before you today to speak out against the corruption that is plaguing the Southern Empire. For too long, the people of the South have been held hostage by a powerful and corrupt mafia, who use their influence and connections to favor certain individuals and groups, while ignoring the needs and concerns of the American people.

This is a betrayal of the trust that the American people have placed in the Southern Empire. The people of the South deserve better than to be ruled by a corrupt and selfish elite, who only care about lining their own pockets and maintaining their own power.

We cannot allow this corruption to continue. We must take a stand against the Southern Empire and their mafia ways, and demand that they be held accountable for their actions. We must demand an end to the favoritism and cronyism that has become all too commonplace in the South.

We must also work to restore the integrity of our government and ensure that the people of the South are represented fairly and justly. We must work to ensure that the rights and freedoms of all Americans are protected, and that the Southern Empire is held to the same high standards as the rest of our great nation.

Let us work together to make America great again, by putting an end to the corruption and mafia ways of the Southern Empire. Thank you, and God bless America!

I am announcing the start of a Strategic Freestyle Rap Operation in the South.

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28th January 2023, 02:25 PM

that does not soudn good may be they need to fite it out in hockey orr boxing

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28th January 2023, 03:11 PM

what lol

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28th January 2023, 03:37 PM

This should be entertaining 🍿

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