5th February 2023

Fiction February 2023

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5th February 2023, 12:33 PM

Once again, the cold-hearted month of February is here. Its a great month if your heart is being warmed with romance and if not, its never a bad time for the everlasting warmth of hate. In love or out, it is a great month for fiction. That's right, its Fiction February again!

Just like previous years, all you have to do to participate is to write a short, stand alone piece of fiction. Since the deadline is February 19, please reply to this discussion with a link to your work so that I'm able to find it.

The entries will be judged not by which is the most grammatically correct (though this would help in the event of a tie). They will be judged on a variety of factors, such as how enjoyable the story was to read and/or how gripping the tale was.

Everyone has busy lives, therefore the deadline for this event is February 19. The winner will be announced on February 20th.

The Fiction February Badge will be awarded to the winner of this event.

Good luck!

You have two weeks.

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12th February 2023, 07:58 PM

When my daughter was really young, she loved to play outside. She would always go outside right after school with her friends. I always thought that the neighborhood was safe until the day my daughter disappeared. Her friends explained to me that she was dared to go touch this tree in the weird neighbor’s yard. In fact, I knew this neighbor, and she was a nice woman. The problem was her husband. Her husband often yelled at kids to get off his lawn and things along those lines. Anyways, her friends told me that they looked down at this slug for one second. When they looked up, they did not see her anymore. I panicked and ran to the police station. They told me that because I had no lead that they could not do anything. So, I decided to take things into my own hands.

I returned home and told my husband what happened and that I would not be back until I found my daughter. I decided to start with asking the weird neighbors if they saw anything. I might add that the wife had short-term memory loss. She told me that she could not remember, but she did remember an address. The reason this address was important is because it was given to her by a man in a black suit. So, we set off to the place. Along the way, we ran into a gang. This gang seemed angry and violent at first, but it turned out they were just misunderstood. This kind of reminded me of how sharks are simple creatures that just want to be left alone, but movies have turned them into a violent creature that will kill anyone at first sight. After the gang, we found ourselves in a dark alley way. We could not see each other, but all of a sudden I saw a light behind my neighbor. The light came from a flashlight of a crack head. I told my neighbor, “Don’t move.” But, she quickly forgot and moved. Luckily she knocked over the crackhead, and we ran. Finally, we found the address.

This might sound weird, but it was a dentist’s office. The sign read “Phillip Sherman’s Dentist Office.” We walked in and found my daughter was not there. The dentist, however, came over to us and told us the story. I will spare the details, but she was pretty much taken here by her babysitter who turned out to be working for the government. The dentist kept my daughter there for safe keeping until her father arrived. I was shocked. So, we went back to our neighborhood. When I returned home, I woke up in chills. It was all a dream. In the end, I went to go tell my family all about it.

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12th February 2023, 08:50 PM


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